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  1. Sunday, May 3, 2015

    Boxing expert Patrick Pitt on last night’s Mayweather win 

    Rarely does the busblog hand over the mic to a guest blogger, but when it comes to boxing there are very few who know as much and are as eloquent as Canada’s own Patrick Pitt. These are his words:

    Last night at The MGM Grand in Las Vegas Floyd Mayweather won a unanimous decision against multi -Division titlelist Manny Pacquaio. Casual fans are disappointed at forking over money for what they believe was an inflated PPV ticket, and media outlets that rarely cover the game are once again declaring the end of boxing as they take the unsolicited request to revisit writing the fight game’s eulogy.

    I could’ve written that in 2009, when the fight was being contemplated.

    Bey and Jay at the fight

    I’ve been tracking the career of Pac-Man since I saw him on the undercard of Lewis – Tyson. Interestingly that was the first and only time prior to last night that HBO and Showtime shared a card. Casual fans won’t understand the relevance of Jimmy Lennon Jr’s trademark “It’s Showtime” and Michael Buffer’s “Let’s get ready to rumble” sharing the same intro formalities; but to hardcore fight fans it’s like seeing Batman team up with Wolverine!

    It’s also worth noting that boxing was written off when Lewis beat Tyson, but knowledgable fans knew that that was the inevitable outcome then too. Tyson apologists (the ancestors of the Pac-Man fan base) blamed Tyson’s age (Lewis was but one year younger), but the truth has always been, but not exclusive to the following:

    1. Boxers tend to beat sluggers;
    2. A good big man beats a good smaller man;
    3. Having a fight style that puts defence ahead of crowd pleasing tends to lend itself to longevity at the championship level.

    mayweather punching pac-man

    That’s why Mayweather beating Manny was predictable. That’s why Floyd was an odds on favourite in Vegas. Thats why opponents who had fought both Manny and Floyd picked Floyd. That’s why Freddie Roach, Pacquiao’s trainer, and Bob Arum are making excuses so as to secure a 9-figure rematch.

    And that’s why casual fans have no right to whine. Remember when boxing was done when a black man named Jack Johnson beat Tommy Burns and Jim Jefferies to break the real colour barrier in sports? Remember when boxing was dead after the influence of the mob? Or when an outspoken kid from Kentucky declared himself better than Joe Louis and Sonny Liston? (Hilarious that some today take issue with Floyd doing that to Ali!) remember when boxing was dead when Ali, Foreman and Frazier left us with Holmes, Hagler, Duran, Hearns and Leonard? Yeah that totally sucked.

    mike tyson at the mayweather fight

    Who would fill their shoes? Just Kid Dynamite, later Iron Mike. When he went to jail though, that was to be the TRUE end. Then he came out and list to Evander Holyfield. This time we mean it! Boxings over! Don king killed it!

    Enter the cross over icon in Oscar De La Hoya, who cleaned house from 130-154lbs. However when Oscar lost to Floyd and Manny, allegedly there was only one fight left.

    And because on a grand stage that broke financial records twice over, we didn’t get a UFC Big Mac mash up, but we’re instead were treated to a game of chess played on a filet mignon, boxings done again.

    mayweather champ

    If you wanted Ali Frazier 3 there was nothing leading up to this to suggest you would be getting that. I predicted a unanimous decision by Floyd over Pacquiao because Floyd is a once in lifetime specimen.

    His undefeated record, like Pacquiao’s, is riddled with not just boxing legends, but hall of famers. While many hoped Manny would catch Floyd with a lucky shot, they didn’t understand that Floyd actually has a great chin, you’ve just never seen it because he rarely gets caught solid. They also hoped he was getting slower with age, and like Pacquiao, he has! But when you were as quick as Roy Jones Jr full of laxatives, you can afford to slow a little.

    mayweather falling

    Skill? They’re both skilled, but Floyd in addition to having superior ring generalship, was an Olympian. Manny wasn’t. For the uninitiated fan here’s a secret, having 100 plus amateur bouts matters! You learn to do things by the book when the unorthodox tricks fail to fool your opponent. Ali, De LaHoya, Leonard, Lewis, Holyfield, Patterson, Jones Jr – Olympians all.

    They say speed goes first and power goes last, that was Pacquiao’s other hope, that Floyd would get old over night. That his brittle hands would come back. No such luck.


    Manny won some rounds and that’s to his credit. As I said his record suggests he is something special. His first championship strap was won at 112lbs. He’s been adding pounds and titles for years. But Mayweather is the naturally bigger man, meaning the power factor was closer to even than anyone in Manny’s camp would want to admit.

    He might’ve employed some of the strategy that Jose Luis Castillo employed in losing a close controversial decision to Floyd many years ago. Just one problem with that strategy. Floyd learned from that win and best Castillo handily in the rematch.

    That’s the thing folks. He evolves.


    So the end result is inevitable and you may not like it. A wife beating megalomaniac who shows little respect for the game and it’s greats won 9 figures in a payday and further cemented his place in Canastota’s hallowed halls.

    He’s damn good and might very well be better than Ray Robinson and Ali’s place on the all time list.

    You don’t have to like it. Few liked Ty Cobb.

    However if you want to be a true fan, don’t fight it. Don’t blame the sport or pick up the chisel for its epitaph.

    You’re embarrassing yourself like so many before you.


    So what if you saw a pitchers duel instead of a home run derby. A game of chess instead of checkers.

    …a boxing match instead of a UFC circus…

    Embrace it. You’re witness to greatness. You can tell your kids you saw a match between two of the greatest if not the greatest.

    If that medicine is bitter to go down, just look up Gatti-Ward round 9 on YouTube. (You’re welcome).

    That match was free and not for any belt. That’s what you were looking for, and while special in its own right, is not impossible to find on any given card.

    – Patrick Pitt

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  4. Wednesday, April 29, 2015

    today the orioles and white sox played a baseball game in baltimore 

    to the fans

    fans weren’t allowed to attend the game because nobody likes the white sox

    and also because of the rioting in baltimore

    but mostly because of the white sox

    it was the first time in baseball history where there were no fans in the stands.

    orioles first baseman had a little fun with the situation by tossing the third out of an inning to a lucky fan.

    but deep down everyone was happy they didnt have to see the sox in person

  5. Tuesday, April 28, 2015

    call me old fashioned but i think riots are good for society 

    11188345_10153243549973057_4972412283027859793_nright now baltimore is burning. people are looting. the mayor and the governor are pissed at CNN. people are stealing shoes and diapers and tp for their bungholes.

    bloods and crips are working together. people are setting fire to the soulless drug stores and then people are slitting the fire hoses with knives.

    this is exactly what should happen when too many black men get killed by too many white cops

    who, in this case, took a black dude, and threw him in the back of a police vehicle

    and gave him a “rough ride” where he was driven around without a seatbelt

    and died from the injuries.

    believe me when i tell you that i approve of any riot that you hold in my name if cops murder me.

    burn it all down. steal all the things. slash all the hoses.

    at some point the powers that be figure it out and things change.

    i type this because i saw it first hand in the 90s. the first viral video of my generation was rodney king getting beaten up by several cops.

    as soon as it was released to KTLA we all assumed the cops would go to jail. but when they werent, LA rioted for 40 days and 40 nights (give or take).

    and guess what, you dont hear about cops doing that much more here in LA. you see it from time to time but because no one wants riots, that ish gets stifled quick.

    “see you at the riots” is my favorite thing to whisper to a liquor store owner who gives me attitude nowadays and trust me it puts them in their place.

    everyone needs checks and balances and when things get unbalanced an angry mob usually wins.

    so yes im glad that baltimore is standing up to the bs

    and im also super glad that out of the haze little angels appear, like this little boy.

    and i hope he charged that dude $2.

    just like how they charged us all at Coachella

  6. Monday, April 27, 2015

    they called it the bates motel because it’s on sunset and bates 


    ive lived in hollywood a long time and as long as ive been here it’s been abandoned


    in the early days of the abandonment hookers used it as their offices


    later crackheads used it to do their business.


    after a while they boarded it up and it became the home for ghosts and bad memories


    the only time something pleasant happened near it was when the Sunset Junction Street Fair would rock out near it


    but then one thing led to another and greed seeped it followed by a flood of ignorance


    and the Sunset Junction Street Fair ended and the Bates Motel fell into absolute disrepair


    until last week when an artist had a vision to paint it all white


    even the trees. and now so many people have shown up to look at it in awe that theres bad traffic there



  7. Sunday, April 26, 2015

    about a girl 

    kurt and courtney

    cobain: montage of heck
    hbo films
    directed by Brett Morgen

    i went to the movies this afternoon for a few reasons.

    i saw on twitter that someone had retweeted Montage of Heck’s director Brett Morgen who said that he was gonna be at the 12:30p arclight screening and he would be giving away a few posters

    even though the nirvana movie was going to be on hbo in two weeks, who doesn’t want a poster?

    so i postponed my bible reading and got an uber ride to the show.

    hardly anyone was there. its a beautiful sunday. anyone who would be into nirvana would be at brunch or their kids’ little league game. or dead.

    so those very few of us who are unclassified thusly were there and i gotta say the cinerama dome irritates me because the rounded screen really doesnt add much, and distracts often. however the sound was great, so i sat close to the screen and

    cobainthat music.

    that beautiful music.

    theres some new interviews with courtney, krist, kurts mom, his dad, his step mom, and one of his old girlfriends. theres some beautiful home movie footage of the happy little family of courtney kurdt and baby frances bean.

    but at the root of it is the tragic story that we all know too well: child of divorce lashes out against society and his family, gets in a band, sees the light, but terrible stomach pains leads him to heroin and later… suicide.

    one doesnt need to see this in a movie theatre but the sound of it all is wonderful and probably better than the typical home speakers. and it’s nice to see certain things super large: like how courtney is never glamorous, how kurts blue eyes are magical and his notebooks are endless and intuitive and they’re nothing but a screaming S-O-S to the world.

    just like his life it ends abruptly and sort of, wait, is that all there is.

    but yes. 20 some years later. yes.

    thats all there is.

    the film gives us a great look at kurt as a kid, some of his dark tales, and shows us what a rock star lives like when he’s on top of the world with his pregnant wife while they’re both junkies. it’s not one bit like the myth of rock. if anything it’s more like Teen Mom.

    i had two takeaways from the film:

    1. never discount anyone. the troubled young lad you are giving up on and kicking out of your house might be angry because he can see the future and it has a bad bad ending.

    2. nirvana was the last really great rock band in the world, and like the other greats, there will never be another like them.

  8. Saturday, April 25, 2015

    im the most boring man in america 

    bruce jenner wheatiesi wont be married three times. i wont win a decathalon. i wont raise the kardashian sisters

    and then kendall and kylie.

    and i dont run around in the shadows wearing womens clothes.

    my needs and desires are simple. i am simple. bruce jenner is 65 and looks better than i do and is more punk rock than i’ll ever be.

    last night i ubered a little after work and as i was on my way to venice ali called me to see if i would uber her from venice to dtla

    for she was going to take in The Game at club nokia.

    got over there and she and her bff claire were prepartying and i hadnt seen claire in a while and when she asked me what i had been doing lately i drew a blank.

    had i been doing anything lately?

    then she told me how she just got back from belize or cabo or somewhere with pyramids which she climbed. and i aint climbed no pyramids.

    i was so tired that after i dropped them off i went home and curled up with a good book.

    today i didnt go out neither. now im watching madonna’s mdna concert on epix

    because the one thing i did do was i switched from Uverse to Time Warner Cable

    bc i can get 300 mb of internet and the dodgers for $90 a month.


  9. weirdest song ive heard in a while 


    “The Poor Side of Town”
    written by Johnny Rivers and Lou Adler

    Do-doo-doo-wah shoo-be-doo-be
    Do-doo-doo-wah shoo-be-doo-be

    How can you tell me how much you miss me
    When the last time I saw you, you wouldn’t even kiss me
    That rich guy you’ve been seein’
    Must have put you down
    So welcome back baby
    To the poor side of town

    To him you were nothin’ but a little plaything
    Not much more than an overnight fling
    To me you were the greatest thing this boy had ever found
    And girl it’s hard to find nice things
    On the poor side of town

    I can’t blame you for tryin’
    I’m tryin’ to make it too
    I’ve got one little hang up baby
    I just can’t make it without you

    So tell me, are you gonna stay now
    Will you stand by me girl all the way now
    With you by my side
    They can’t keep us down
    Together we can make it baby
    From the poor side of town

    (So tell me how much you love me)
    (Come be near to me and say you need me now)

    Oh, with you by my side
    This world can’t keep us down
    Together we can make it baby
    From the poor side of town

    Do-doo-doo-wah shoo-be-doo-be
    Do-doo-doo-wah shoo-be-doo-be
    Do-doo-doo-wah shoo-be-doo-be

    Nick Lowe covered it a few years ago

    but this is the Rivers original

    Rivers also wrote “Secret Agent Man”

    and Adler, among other things, sits courtside with Jack at Lakers games
    lou adler and jack

  10. Friday, April 24, 2015