because the supreme court decided to be political, there were protests

the role of the press is to go out into the streets and document what the protests look like.

sadly the LAPD have a hard time respecting members of the press in situations like this

and one of my favorite journalists, Sam Braslow from the Beverly Hills Courier-News was pushed around, as was Lexis-Olivier Ray from LA Taco.

As were others.

It sorta makes me want to rejoin the LA Press Club where I was on the Board for nearly four years.

There aren’t a lot of fakers pretending to be the press in LA. And there’s not alll that many journalists cops could expect to be out there. Sam and Lexis-Olivier are regulars, and they’re not hot heads, just the opposite.

They should be granted respect.

Or forced to.

One lawsuit could make either of these two rich because stopping someone from exercising Freedom of the Press should be punishable by a hefty fine.  And you should lose your job.

The Bible does not say Be fucking pricks.

The Bible does not say, fuck over the poor, bow down to the rich, lie to get into power, or take away freedoms from people in Jesus’s name.

The Constitution does not say hide behind the Bible, a book most politicians rarely mirror.

Jesus was about socialism, welfare, inclusion, and rejecting the shallow pursuit of wealth.

Nothing about America’s political history has one thing to do with the teachings of Christ.

US politics is about repression, violence, theft, and cowardice.

Jesus said love and they killed him and twisted his words.

Good day that ended in a bad night

Then I got picked up after waiting for 2 hours by a tow truck guy who has a very tough life. He stocks shelves by day for a grocery store and drives the night shift for a tow company.
Bro’s 28 and has a 6 year old who wants to play when he gets home at 7am. Has no energy at that hour.
Girlfriend complains he’s not doing his part. Falls asleep with one arm in the air trying to play. Half finished beer on the coffee table.
He told me how his dad was a drunk so he ran away at 16. To Mexico! TJ!
Apparently if you’re born in the USA and you haven’t done anything illegal they won’t go get you in Mexico and bring you back.
So he hung out with hookers and learned how to shoot guns and, well, make love.
Being an American all the girls wanted to marry him. Including a Brazilian girl who could cook, speak English perfectly, and, well…
At first he says they were flailing, but then she said, look if we’re gonna do this let me show you how to do it right.
It blew his mind.
“Were you tempted to marry her?” I asked.
“Hell no.”
“They say Brazilian girls are the prettiest in the world. Was she a 9? A 10?”
“She was a 20!” He laughed, smiling, driving that pick up flat-bed fast through the streets of LA. Pack of Marlboro Greens (!) bouncing on the dash. Waze squawking out directions.
We talked cartels, food, and what he likes to do with his son.
“I take him fishing all the time.”
“Lake Lake.”
I had him repeat it because I was pretty exhausted myself.
Lake Lake I swore he said and I laughed bc what a great name. Did the laziest man in LA own it?
Sadly when I got home I learned he was saying Legg Lake.
But now I need to hit it rich so I can make a fishing hole and call it Lake Lake. And have someone make a statue for my man who saved my ass tonight.

do i have bad ideas sometimes? oh God yes.

i have so many ideas that come in and out of my head it might be shocking to those who don’t really know me.

and because i trust people and love them, and because i never take anything with too much seriousness, i often share those ideas with people for a few reasons

– to see if they think it’s a good idea
– to see if we can hone it into something even better
– to see if it was a bad idea

my biggest fear about Hear in LA being such a long marathon is that i would get sick of this one crazy idea after years and years and years.

in part because i do get bored easily because i have so many ideas shooting through me at all times.

some would say i smoke weed to slow down those ideas because they are overwhelming at times.

in my heart i love people, warts and all, and those warts i identify with because some days i feel like im nothing but a giant wart. but not in a sad way. just in a “i have gross things inside me that will one day ooze out, so sorry.”

but also, tomorrow i will ooze out something beautiful. so dont completely abandon me bc i come in peace.

but i am dark. no question.

in part because without the darkness we cannot see

the twinkly stars in the heavens.

been eating a lot of pizza with an african american

it’s really funny, she’ll say really nice things and then say

did you shave in the dark, you missed some spots

today she asked, why dont you date women your own age?

i said, women my age dont eat pizza three times in a week.

last night we went out to tacos

i was in the best mood.

we ran into this tall black rapper with amazing jewlery and tattoos everywhere

i said, are you two from new york?

they were wearing yankees caps.

the jewlery guy was all no, we stay in south central

i said, oh the NY is for your gang?

there was an uncomfortable pause, it was around midnight after all.

but zorha was there looking cute they werent gonna do anything

and finally he said, yeah it stands for Neighborhood.

later he asked me how old i was

why are ppl so concerned about my age?

anyways todays pizza: a+

last night’s burrito: a-

was todays birthday girl the most

influential person ive met?

she got me into poetry, journalism, hippie shit, punk rock, foreign films

and this was all while we were teens.

i mean everyone ive met has influenced me but

when i first came to california – wow – i couldnt even get out of junior college

i had a history teacher who told me i was a terrible writer

i cried in the library.

while it’s true michele broke up with me 3 times

she also did the opposite of breaking up with me 2 times

she was my bestfriend for years

and today is her birthday.

i wonder if anyone thinks i was influential in their lives?

i hope if i was it was in a good way.

i did good today

i get clogged on sundays because i never want to turn on church

but once i turn it on im happy and todays sermon was good.

then i turned on the cubs.

then i walked to the store talking to mom.

then i finally got to finishing up tomorrows podast.

i am the most ridiculous procrastinator ever for this right now.

i really need to do uber so i can do something productive with all this spare time im just killing doing nothing.

but i wouldnt drive on sundays.

Lord’s day.

my problem is im blogger 4 lyfe

my other problem is i need to be inspired.

right now im working on the most time consuming part of my podcast: the blog post.

it’s there that i try to write a zingy, clickable, but also accurate headline

i add all the pictures and videos and tweets and links

and figure out which chunks to use from the podcast.

it’s a whole deal.

and i have to work from top down or i obsess.

but once it’s done i can get on with it, although i still procrastinate like crazy because i sabotage myself for some reason and i need to knock it off because i might start needing to spend a lot of time on the road away from this computer.

anyways monday im publishing my convo with Lexis and this is how it starts off so far. we’ll see if i change my mind.

dear unemployed ppl

i know it’s hard. i am in the middle of it right now and it’s super hard.

sometimes i have noticed that weird crazy magical shit happens when your back is up against the wall.

you do things you wouldnt normally do.

things your mind says Only Even Think About in case of an emergency

the emergency is approaching.

i find myself on Linked In applying for jobs i know im overqualified for but if this was sports, would the MVP of the league stop playing because he is clearly better than everyone else at that position?

then why do we do that IRL?

im gonna get out from under this cloud.

i always have.

things are gonna get better.

then things are gonna rock.

just like in olden times.

why its important to keep it real

sandy koufax, center, the legendary dodger pitching ace wanted

to do something nice for joe torre’s, right, non profit in 2010

so he took the stage to be interviewed by

the notorious tj simers, left.

notorious because tj would tell it like he saw it

and he usually saw things through

bitter-colored glasses.

tj’s biggest fans would say they aren’t bitter, they’re


theyd argue the world sugar coats everything, especially journalists, particularly sports journos because they can’t burn bridges because they have to work with these teams every day, year after year.

i enjoyed reading tj because i wanted to see who pissed him off now

koufax gets his ass kissed by everyone. clearly he wanted to be interviewed live by someone who wasn’t going to kiss his ass.

and thats the lesson i learned from tj, indirectly

if you are known as the person who makes you fucking earn that A

then sometimes the best in the world will want to come to you

and only you.

so keep on keeping it real.

(which was your job in the first place)

photo by Dodger Blue World