nothing in here is true

  1. Tuesday, August 21, 2001

    ok i can die now 

    got outta the men’s room. had the ‘fro correct.

    stroll down the hallway, and who do i see?

    ms. jules asner and she whispered hi to me!

  2. havent seen TSG in a few days 

    do i miss her? oui.

    yesterday a train got stuck in the tunnel near Pershing Square and fucked up everything and i was late to work.

    at wilshire and vermont i got out and took the bus down wilshire and of the 8 escalators only 2 worked and neither were the ones that were going up.

    today on the bus i saw a kid. looked almost exactly like i did when i was 13. he had on a dressshirt and slacks and a tie. he was fiddling with the tie’s knot

    in the reflection of the window across from him.

    his collar was way up in the back and you could tell a kid that but they dont know how to adjust it. which is why people just adjust it for you.

    but you cant really do that to an unknown kid on a bus. so i didnt say nothin.

    and it sorta looks better sometimes to be young with a fucked up dress shirt collar.

  3. Friday, August 17, 2001

    i think im going to turn this into a blog about riding the subway/bus 

    and my silent affair with a certain tall skinny girl who i avoid at all costs.

    yesterday i was walking east down wilshire as usual from work to La Brea because the 20 and 21 never come when you would like them to. So i am forced to walk the 7 blocks to La Brea to catch the big red Rapid 304. when what do i see but TKG walking down wilshire too! i found this as very odd since I know that she gets dropped off at least 7 blocks west of me! why is she here?

    she is on the north side of wilshire, about two blocks away. so even though i think shes super cute, i cross the street to go to the south side. we walk and there she is waiting to cross la brea to go to MY rapid bus stop when here comes a 21. so i hop on it thus avoiding any contact with her or her coolness and i chuckle to myself. although i dont know why cuz im bummed cuz teen girl has a plane ticket to see me and shes not going to use it.

  4. Tuesday, August 14, 2001

    hi blog that i treat like crap 

    i love you.

    im making a hot meal for a hot girl tonight.

    im pretty excited. should i not be? some say you jinx it by being excited.

    i think jinxing is a bunch of phooey, for if you have the ability to jinx something

    you should also be able to unjinx it.

    i think this girl is killer. did i tell you it makes me happy to think about?

  5. Monday, August 6, 2001
  6. Friday, August 3, 2001

    hi blog. i still dont like you 

    last night karisa danced with hef and his ten girlfriends.

    she said he danced a lot. she was impressed.

    tonight we’re going to the Cubs/Dodgers game.

    kerry wood versus chan ho park.

    i think we have front row tickets.

  7. Thursday, August 2, 2001