– Fucking rad here. I want to move back. I took some pictures that i uploaded to a yahoo picture gallery. yes, im a dork. its easier this way, though, trust me.

i rooted against bonds all year long and sent out as many bad vibes as i could. i had him on the badasses and traded him. i had plenty of homers and i needed a catcher and got him for Piazza. this was like in mid may when he already had twenty homers and i needed a catcher and already had sosa and giles in the outfield. you can always pick up another outfielder, but always get sosa. (yes, i won two leagues this year.)

its saturday, noon, i just read the daily nexus, which is terrible, im sorry to say, other than the opinoin section. the art’s section looked good, but do you really need a full page for a twenty inch review of serendipity? whatever. it’s still better than the Times.