PayPal, my love

PayPal was supposed to go IPO this week. I don’t think they went for it. They should. That fucking thing is so good. Not only did I sell my No Doubt in Vegas tickets through eBay and got my money an hour later via PayPal (and subsequently paid Directv through my PayPal debit card) (and subsequently was able to see the Olympics) but since I now have a little cash left over in my account to spend on Ashley for V-Day, I wanted to take out some of it thru an ATM.

Well, because I’m a loser, I had forgotten my PIN number for my PayPal debit/credit card, because I never use it to withdraw cash – cuz i hardly ever have cash in there – cuz all i have in there is the $327 that the nice strangers have given me for my Snoop DeVille fund.

Lo and behold, if you go to the PayPal site and type in your password you can change your PIN number instantly!!! let me repeat that again: !!!

PayPal, after I buy a few rounds for Jeanine, I will be toasting you.

i have the coolest readers

Mr. Pierce,

I think I might be the guy you are referring to in your 2/7 entry. Did the

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