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Here is something I wrote for my soul mate and gave it to her today

Valentines Day

I have never experienced a heart as warm as yours

Or a smile that can light up the world like yours

I only know that I am blessed to know you and call you my friend

I love that you know what I am about to say…..

Sometimes we even say the same thing

I love that we share the same ideals, morals and love the same food

I love that we like the same music

I love that no matter what mood I am in you make me laugh

I love that we can sit in silence and watch the wind……

And share a sandwich on a bench

I love that when we disagree about something, it always has…

A positive outcome

I love that I can talk with you about anything and you will listen

I love that we are each others biggest fan

I love that people love who you are

I love that you were blessed with the beautiful children that you always

yearned for…

Good things should happen to good people

I love that we can dance for no reason

If I wanted to run down the street in the rain you would run with me

You have seen me at my best and still hung with me at my worst

You have shared my happiness and felt my pain

I wish that the whole world could experience a soul mate

I don’t know if we are, but if we are not I want her to be like you

Dear Cupid,

Since you asked yesterday about fond valentine memories … I will share mine with you.

Normally, I don’t believe in Valentine’s day. I think if there is someone you like – you should tell them and often.

This isn’t a cynical or bitter belief – it’s just that to have a national holiday of love is a bit strange.

We should always love eachother and if you are fortunate to have a True Love – you are blessed daily to be with them.

Be sweet and loving often.

Squeeze them tight.

Love them well. I have been very fortunate to have a few valentines in my life and one year it was Philip one my college study


Philip was one of three men in the speech and hearing program at UCSB. He was super smart, shy and on the UCSB fencing team.

Can you imagine? He was cute in his fencing suit and quite confident when he wore it.

That isn’t to say he wasn’t so confident outside the uniform -he was just so quiet and much gentler than when he was trying to jab his fencing opponents with his


Anway, he asked me to be his valentine. It was so endearing. Plus, I really enjoyed his company. What a day and evening it turned out to be.

Philip picked me up and took me to the Santa Barbara Zoo. That particular zoo isn’t anything special, kind of small and a tad depressing from what I

remember. The worst part is the sad giraffe that used to be there for years!

He had a goiter of some sort portruding from his neck.

It’s a giraffe not a camel! But the zookeepers assured me that he wasn’t in any pain. It just didn’t look pleasant.

Philip brought a picnic for us though and after observing the monkeys we proceeded to enjoy a nice lunch.

After the zoo – he took me back to his apartment. He remembered us discussing “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” and since it was a

childhood favorite of both of ours, had it ready for us to watch.

Since drinking alcohol was out of the question – he had non-alcoholic sparkling cider for us to drink.

Seriously, one of the sweetest boys around.

The topper was that he gave me a hand drawn rose valentine that he sketched with colored pencils. He even wrote “Happy St. Valentine’s Day” on it. Very formal and touching.

I still have it in my prized letters.

That is one of my sweetest valentine’s days that I can remember…

Quite lovely.


The Sap.

the kids are alright

me and my friend were talking last night while celebrating Jeanine’s birthday. he is a terrific writer and someone who i could easilly find myself collaborating with someday as he is also an accomplished editor, and i am super lazy and sometimes needs lots and lots of help and motivation.

anyway, i was trying to inspire him to write again and here now are two examples on why we should all get our stuff out there, damn to the demons inside us that say we suck.

first there is the case of the twentysomething girlie who flew from Carolina with her best friend to see their favorite band Tsar, and wound up crashing at my house. well one of the girls, it appears got four tattoos, one each of the symbols of each member of Tsar. say all you will about Tsar only selling a few thousand records, one that they sold obviously hit its mark with this gurl and that mark now will last forever.

then there is the very nice Midwesterners, who are putting together a book detailing the effects of 9/11 through people’s emails, web pages, and other correspondences. Apparently these fellows are famous rock and roll insiders of some sort, one managed bands like the New York Dolls, one has been writing about music for 20 years – basically living the lives we all wish we could be living.

Eric, wrote a few emails of praise to me, which always gets a reply, and posted them, with links, on his site this morning.

You never know who’s out there reading your stuff, huh? You might get hot girls from back east, cool guys from the midwest… you might even get sweet souls from the Defense Information Systems Agency. (Just imagine if i actually wrote decently.)

One tip for my pals at DISA, Netscape has newer versions other than 3.0, but now that I think of it, 3.0 is pre-AOL’s buyout of them, so I bet it’s way more stable. So nevermind, carry on.

Happy Valentine’s Day

to all the ladies.

Anna had a big win on Tuesday in Antwerp, Belgium, unfortunately that meant she had to face Venus on Wednesday. Guess who got stomped.

It’s cool cuz she looked good and not only kept with the same blue outfit, but added some cute little baby blue barrettes.

“I wish you happy valentine, but you don’t deserve it,” she wrote in an email and followed it up with a series of forwarded dirty jokes. She claims that I have hardend my heart to her and I wrote back saying, “Impossible.”

she wrote back and said, “all you ever do is write mean things about me and make fun at me. you never write sweet little details of me any more. you never say that you love me.”

and she was right, of course. i hadn’t.

oh, anna, my mistress from moscow, my…

she said, “don’t call me your mistress.”

i said, oh anna, my loving cup from far above, my turtle dove, my irish creme, my fondest wish, my everything.

then she said, “your beautiful lies are cold to me.”

i said, somethings are better cold, no?

she said not love.

and softly hung up her tiny phone.

happy valentines day, anyway. i wrote on a gum wrapper and attached to a pigeon and whispered in its ear and watched as it flew east.

and i said fly, little bird, fly.

and watched it disappear into the horizon.

hoping that it would avoid the engines of all the jets bound for the same journey.