1. Monday, April 29, 2002

    anna said, no way 

    are you broken up with ashley.

    i said, swear to God.

    she said, you love her too much for that. plus you’ve been together for a year or some shit.

    i said, why dont you just worry about Emeril.

    she said, who?

    i said, your boyfriend.

    she said, i dont have a boyfriend.

    i said, that mexican singer guy who’s dad used to–

    she said, you mean Enrique?

    i said, yeah, that dillweed.

    she said, Enrique is not my boyfriend, and he’s sweet, shut up.

    i said, ok, later.

    she said, wait wait, come fly with me, lets go to tahoe.

    i said, some of us work for a living.

    she said, hahaha, you, work, that would be a change.

    so i said, what would we do in tahoe?

    she said, we’d drink.