1. Thursday, April 18, 2002

    sonny: does it bother you 

    that when people talk about the LA Bloggers they hardly ever mention your name?

    me: some people do.

    s: but not a lot of people.

    m: not eveyone knows me.

    s: yes they do.

    m: says you.

    s: your blog kicks ass

    m: says you.

    s: you dont think it does?

    m: when people talk about LA Bloggers, theyre talking about war bloggers most of the time.

    s: we’re at war?

    m: i think so.

    s: emmanuelle doesnt write about the war.

    m: emmanuelle is a sexy cool french babe.

    s: so?

    m: so i think they think shes talking about the war, they just dont know french to see that shes not.

    s: but i know how competitive you are, its gotta eat at you.

    m: ben doesnt get written about and hes got two great blogs and he was friggin born and raised in LA.

    s: but you even have a web site!

    m: greg has a web site and he hardly ever gets talked about and he was born and raised in LA too, and he paints and writes rock operas. (and i think his wife is a. beam.)

    s: are you kidding me? The Rallying Point gets linked all the damn time!

    m: shh, no ones supposed to know that thats greg.

    s: what? oh, whatever.

    m: well, i appreciate your concern but it’s unneccessary. i have plenty of readers. and i dont write every day to get put on everyone’s left or right hand columns.

    s: that’s a damn lie.

    m: i write so that the hot chicks will fall for me.

    s: yeah, hows that working for you?

    m: the jury’s still out.

    s: i got news for you, putting pictures of sassy tennis players and slutty singers isnt gonna make the ladies want you.

    m: you never know.

    s: i think that dentist extracted more than a tooth from your head. that auction by the way is completely gross.

    m: why, thank you.

    s: thats not a compliment.

    m: sure it is, people love being grossed out.

    s: but it’s such an easy trick.

    m: not really, people see gross things all the time on the web, it’s almost impossible to shock an adult or gross them out nowadays.

    s: “Friends” is still #1. the world is still mighty soft.

    m: people watch “Friends” cuz they’re sick of being shocked all the time. they’re comfortable with the characters. it’s safe. nothing bad ever happens.

    s: there’s never been “a very special ‘Friends'”?

    m: i wouldnt know. i dont think ive seen more than 2-3 episodes.

    s: you should watch it tonight, i think Joey gets a haircut tonight.

    m: nah, im going to the LA Blogger thing tonight.

    s: oh yeah, Virginia Postrel’s gonna be there.

    m: yeah, im looking forward to meeting her.

    s: did you read her thing the other day?

    m: im ashamed to say, i dont think ive ever read her.

    s: oh you should, shes brilliant. but married, sigh.

    m: she writes above my head. i dont know nothin about what she talks about.

    s: so why do you want to meet her then?

    m: i like meeting people, and i wanna see if she’s nice.

    s: was Instapundit nice?

    m: that dude was super nice.

    s: i see Prof. Volokh has a blog now.

    m: yep. that guy was super nice too.

    s: meet any Bloggers who werent nice?

    m: hmmm let me think. i met one guy who sorta had a holier than thou attitude, but i just talked to everyone else instead.

    s: who was he? i love juicy gossip!

    m: to be honest, i dont even remember his name. im horrible at names. i checked out his site the next day, it was no big deal. he doesnt get mentioned anyhow.

    s: what did he look like?

    m: oh i remember him now.

    s: who who! spill!

    m: tony pierce.

    s: you suck.

    m: ha ha.

    s: lets fight some crime.

    m: ‘kay.

    s: as in now.

    m: but first i should thank JC for the buck.

    s: hurry up, then.

    m: ok, let’s rock.