1. Tuesday, April 16, 2002

    welcome fans of “what the heck.com” 

    y name is tony, and the auction that got you here is over a month old. but dont fret, you’re in luck. i have just posted a BRAND NEW auction, and I must say, i think it’s the best one yet.

    so just click the ebay screen shot on the left and PREPARE for UTTER GROSSNESS. it’s sick, it’s not at all right. yes, i am auctioning off my recently pulled wisdom tooth!

    regular readers to this page, please do not click this link unless you want to see a very personal side of me, the place where 1/4 of all my wisdom and humor and good looks came from. yes, my upper right molar. tooth #1 can be yours. there is no reserve.

    once again, there is no reserve.

    tomorrow i may or may not go into great detail about how there was very little anestesia and absolutely no nitrous oxide :( and still i felt no pain. i wont tell you how they gave me some pain killers that killed the pain but didnt give me any of those dRuGGiE feelings that the kids yearn for so much :( and i really wont tell you how here it is only 10:40pm and im going to get off the computer and lie down because im exhausted.

    i miss wizzy, my wisdom tooth.

    where ever you are wizzy, i love you.

    im just over here on your shelf, remember?

    oh yeah. god youre gross lookin.