1. Monday, June 10, 2002

    beyonce said “tony, you’re a prick, holding your site hostage.” 

    says you.

    “what do you call it?”

    i dont know what to call it, but people linking me like crazy and i shoulda told you 200.

    “you sound disappointed.”

    well, even though i love the love from the good folks, there are a few sites that i want to be linked to that i doubt will ever link me, but these will do for starters, thats for sure. some are really fabulous sites:

    1. http://kevinholtsberry.com/blog.html

    2. http://hawspipe.blogspot.com/

    3. http://www.biznicality.com/

    4. http://www.willwagner.com/links/priv.htm

    5. http://minutiataur.diaryland.com/index.html

    6. http://www.dawsonspeek.com/

    7. http://www.lablogs.com/weblog.php

    8. http://pantrogsblog.blogspot.com/

    9. http://bitchen.blogspot.com/

    10. http://theinvisiblehand.blogspot.com/

    11. http://www.spleenville.com/blog/index.html

    12. http://blogsofwar.blogspot.com/

    13. http://adder.blogspot.com/

    14. http://capitalinflux.blogspot.com/

    15. http://www.souptree.net/blog/index.php

    16. http://portablematthew.blogspot.com/

    17. http://paintedland.com/kokoro/links.html

    18. http://www.members.cox.net/triptychcryptic/blog.html

    19. http://www.tbotcotw.com/

    20. http://bobthecorgi.surreally.com/

    21. http://katesullivan.blogspot.com/

    beyonce said, “who’s sites do you wanna be linked on?”

    well, nay, of course, and rabbit, cuz i read them all the time, but why not instapundit this blog is as good as any of the ones he links.

    beyonce said, “which part of your blog are you talking about, the fake stories about anna or the fake stories about mariah?”

    shut up.

    “why dont you just worry about getting 100 links total before july 9, then see if the others link you.”

    how about you leaving me alone. hasnt your mom made you a new outfit that you have to try on yet?

    “oh, that hurts.”

    make sure your belly shows.