1. Thursday, June 13, 2002

    do you know i love you? 

    i do.

    my heart is warmed by all the people and all the sites that have linked me and want to link me.

    i hate to do this, but i must now be a little more specific than i was when i last chatted with destiny’s child.

    when she and i meant “link” we meant a permanent link on the left- or right-hand side of your blog.

    see how nice heather did it? perfect. now, what prof. glenn just did, well, that’s nice, but its not a permanent left hand link, so, it doesnt count.

    speaking of rabbit, she and i had a very pleasant interview last night after sonny left and we penciled in a follow-up tonight, so perhaps next week you can see what happens when two heavyweights of blogging chat with each other.

    it will be a much different conversation than what dawn and a.beam and weiss and matt moore had last night, but i got mentioned so all’s good. although it seems like moore wanted to start a little tiff with me.

    perhaps he should continue to stroke his poll(s).

    but you, know, he did link me last week so i’ll give him a pass. sarcasm is hard to pick up in print.

    and besides, i know who a.beam is, and he doesnt.


    anyway, i thank you unablogger for getting the troops together. nothing like a site of half naked chicks, scratch that, totally naked chicks, to get people to do things. and thanks to Ye Olde Blog, damn you get a bunch of hits, girl.