1. Thursday, June 20, 2002

    michelle is a tall, athletic, attractive, libra. 

    a marketing director for a tech company, she’s into good music, wrote for the daily nexus and sends me steamy emails even though ive never met her — though she swears my name rings a bell.

    i mighta met her once when i was visiting santa barbara, but i doubt it. i think i woulda remembered her.

    but maybe not. i do have a habit of drinking a tad when im hanging in the 93117.

    hot nexus babes were plentiful when i was there and it’s nice to know that the tradition lasted past our reign, but the reason i am bringing up michelle is because i linked her website yesterday and not her blog, and any time you can link a blog from Oxnard you should.

    i bought my first car, a Saturn SL-1 in Oxnard.

    anyhow, michelle’s web site, like this blog, is filled with way too many pictures to punish those who insist on dialup connections. However she has a “boys we love” section that is a parade of homoerotic poses from some of the prettiest lads this side of the Castro District.

    you girls cant be serious about that shit.

    normally i dont spotlight people who link me, but i didnt belong to a frat in college so the nexus is the closest to beer/chicks/idiocy/lifelong connections that i’ll ever get.

    tybie forever!