1. Monday, June 17, 2002

    Q. Do u have a few minutes Tony? 

    A. just a few, how can i help?

    Q. a/s/l

    A. 108/m/hollywood

    Q. Last time u had sex/made love?

    A. girls dont wanna have sex with me

    Q. R U gay?

    A. drop your girl off here and find out.

    Q. I dont have a girl;

    A. why doesnt that surprise me.

    Q. do u roll

    A. english, speak english or die

    Q. ecstacy?

    A. oh, that. dude, i went to ucsb.

    Q. SO?

    A. U Can Study Buzzed

    Q. ????

    A. ok, then, no, no i have never done that.

    Q. Why?

    A. cuz it’s illegal, and the citizenry should obey the laws, even if it means not taking pills that make you happy.

    Q. r u into stile?

    A. if i was 15 and never saw titties, i’d love stile.

    Q. What’s the deal with Ashley?

    A. ask her yourself.

    Q. No. Is she cool?

    A. theres no way i deserve a girl like her.

    Q. What do u mean

    A. one more question and im out

    Q. What place would you like to visit b4 u die?

    A. Christ’s tomb in Jerusalem’s Holy Sepulchre

    Q. ????

    A. ask your teacher.

    Q. We don’t learn that shit.

    A. you should. ask your teacher.