1. Saturday, June 29, 2002

    venus and serena’s mom called me, 

    why you always talking about them white girls?

    i like white girls.

    why you never talk about black girls?

    oh, mrs. williams, i talk about black girls all the time. i was talking about lil kim just the other day.

    yeah, you said she was a ho!

    no, i said that people have reputations that arent always true and it’s unfortunate.

    you called that girl a ho and then had her spit from on top of a ferris wheel in the wind and hit the top of a ticket booth at a carnival!

    it was symbolic.

    say wha?

    i was describing how she had total control of her body.

    you a fool.

    and i was saying that through her mouth,

    dont you

    and her lips

    you stop

    and her sweet sweet

    im hanging up

    semi sweet chocolate.


    80. a candle in the window

    81. the back seat driver