1. Sunday, July 21, 2002

    MAN 0F SEAS0NS: Damn Tony 

    ..I put a link up to your site and I got nothing….NOTHING!

    supertsar7: i have carpel tunnel;

    supertsar7: i havent put up a bunch of links yet

    MAN 0F SEAS0NS: not my fucking problem put up my link

    supertsar7: whats your site?

    MAN 0F SEAS0NS: Man0fSeas0ns.Tripod.Com

    supertsar7: hwo did you hear about me?

    MAN 0F SEAS0NS: through 21Pundit steet

    MAN 0F SEAS0NS: I offerred to trade Wisdom teeth with you

    supertsar7: oh yeah right

    supertsar7: wheres the link?

    MAN 0F SEAS0NS: its on the page that has the links

    MAN 0F SEAS0NS: i think its the same page with the stores on it

    supertsar7: ah, ok

    supertsar7: i’ll put you up in a few weeks

    supertsar7: after i recover

    MAN 0F SEAS0NS: fucking westcoast lightweights

    supertsar7: ok i wont link you then

    supertsar7: feel free to take down my link

    MAN 0F SEAS0NS: what the fuck? thats unamerican!

    supertsar7: not really

    supertsar7: we reserve the right to refuse service

    supertsar7: to idiots

    supertsar7: very american

    MAN 0F SEAS0NS: oh…i see…its cuz Im black!

    supertsar7: exactly

    MAN 0F SEAS0NS: I guess…i dont respect theives either

    supertsar7: blacks are theives?

    MAN 0F SEAS0NS: all of them

    supertsar7: any last words?

    supertsar7: im about to bail

    MAN 0F SEAS0NS: nope. hope the tunnel gets taken care of…I liked the no tying in baseball thing

    supertsar7: ah, thanks alot

    supertsar7: later dude

    MAN 0F SEAS0NS: piece

    supertsar7: hey, can i put this on my page in the mean time?

    MAN 0F SEAS0NS: this

    supertsar7: yeah, this chat

    supertsar7: its funny

    MAN 0F SEAS0NS: go wild

    MAN 0F SEAS0NS: its america…you’re free to do what you want

    supertsar7: cool.

    MAN 0F SEAS0NS: see ya