1. Monday, August 5, 2002

    wKen dug deep 

    wKen dug deep and flowed $20 justlikethat to the busblog.

    little did he know, but he inadvertantly turned on The Incredible Post-Modern Punk Rock Lyric Machine

    look out!

    “butterface bonanza”

    i got somethin

    to say to you

    i bet you

    wont believe it’s true

    i know theres something

    inside of you


    like nothin else

    in this big big love

    im not waitin

    a hundred years

    im running out

    to get some beers

    when i come back

    if youre still here

    better lost those

    old school fears

    theres a bullet train


    its almost here.

    i hate all

    your stupid friends

    i hope they die

    in accidents

    i hate your cat

    and your rat

    and all that

    keep you from me

    cant you see

    im the man

    what part of


    dont you understand

    i want to be

    your punk rock king

    i wanna steal you

    a diamond ring

    and theres a nuclear disaster

    thats right on time.

    rock of gibraltar

    rock of gibraltar

    rock of gibraltar


    who’ll be the next to tempt fate and throw $20 at the problem?