1. Thursday, October 3, 2002

    christina aguilera 


    rca records

    anna got hurt in moscow yesterday

    called me sobbing and wouldnt get off the phone.

    she asked me if i had seen the new christina aguilera video

    i said “yes i did see the video.

    infact i downloaded the video last night, anna.

    i played it over and over


    one handed.

    i loved her outfits.

    i loved the song.

    i loved the production of the song with its overlayed whispers

    i loved the production of the video with its flashes of everything.

    i loved the heaps of men and flesh and women surrounding her

    pulsating around her moving with her

    grooving with her.

    i loved that it was still her show even though she is so little

    so white so good and so bad.

    i loved that her hair extentions were made of yarn and twine and lint and


    i loved that she looks like she has fully become aware of her nastiness and

    she is taking ownership

    in a way much different than some tranny’s dream of moulin rouge

    but of a wigger with an attitude

    with the waistband of a kilt as a skirt.

    i loved that it seemed to me that she knows shes number two on my list

    and she did everything she could to leapfrog you.

    and didnt necessarilly fail.

    just has a really long way to go.

    but is definately knockin on the door.”

    anna sneered,