1. Saturday, October 5, 2002

    meesh called me from the standard in the first inning. 

    we talked for a few minutes and then the cell phone reception gave out.

    she was poolside.

    i know because she called me back a minute later. we barely got to say hi and happy birthday and the connection dropped again.

    i tried to call her back. hi.

    then dead.

    an hour later she called back. she had changed hotels.

    she was at the mondrian now.

    im looking at a beautiful view, tony.

    you must come over.

    i asked why did you leave the standard.

    she said, that place is a dump.

    hmmm. it was the fourth inning now. the game was tied.

    i told her i might consider coming over. she said we have pretty girls here. i said, do you have a tv? she said its a suite, of course we do.

    i said is the angel game on?

    she laughed and handed the phone over to the glamorous simone. jewlery designer to the stars.

    why are you ignoring my phone calls sweetie?

    i said, i was on vacation.

    come over here and i’ll make some mohitas.

    i did have rum. all i would need is some sugar and mint leaves. two limes maybe. i always liked the mondrian. skybar. that pool. but what do you wear?

    simone asked if she could pick me up in her convertible. i told her that it wasnt necessary. that i lived right next to sunset. quick subway ride to highland, walk to sunset, pick up the bus. twenty minutes, tops.

    she said, youre coming?

    i said, maybe. sounds great.

    then the angels started errupting. then it was 5-2 angels. then it was 6-2 angels.

    what would i wear?