1. Monday, October 28, 2002

    you know who stole the show for me during this world series? 

    the one who deserved the real mvp trophy? the littlest giant, three-year-old darren baker, son of dusty.

    that little fella hustled, nearly got killed, kept everyone realizing that this whole who-ha is really a kids game, and then he cried like a baby on his poppa’s hip when the fireworks went off and the giants fell.

    i love that.

    if i didnt have completely ruined limbs, i would have done a photo essay of the tyke.

    speaking of which, does anyone know where i can find a picture of him crying right after the game? it’s sad, but it’s cute.

    i am also looking for a pic of that blonde woman in right field smacking reggie sanders in the back with her thunderstick.

    classic images.

    i promised a reader to the busblog that i wouldnt “rub it in”, this angels victory, and im a man of my word, but the coverage is important and tomorrow the angles will have their victory parade.

    i wonder if anyone will attend?

    as i drove around LA this weekend i saw only one angels car flag.

    i see more mexican flags.

    i have seen nobody wearing angels hats or tshirts or sweatshirts.

    LA is very much a dodgers town.


    even though their little cousins down south just broke the hearts of their most hated rivals.

    and i gotta say, if my buddy welch wasnt a fan, i probably would have instead pulled for my former employers, the gyros.

    if you find those pictures, good people, email me the link and i will give you many props.

    i say email me because my comments are not working so good all the time. :cough: i know i need to move to MT, i know :cough: