1. Thursday, December 12, 2002

    When Will They Shoot? 

    (Ice Cube)

    [Brother J]

    “Stalkin.. walkin in my big black boots” [repeat 2X]

    [Ice Cube]

    God damn, another fuckin payback with a twist

    Them motherfuckers shot but the punks missed

    Ice Cube is out-gunned, what is the outcome?

    Will they do me like Malcolm?

    Cause I bust styles, new styles, standin – strong!

    While, others Run a Hundred Miles

    But I never run, never will

    Deal with the devil with my motherfuckin steel – BOOM!

    Media try to do me

    But I was a BoyN the Hood before the movie

    Call me nigga, bigger than a spook,

    But you the one that voted for Duke,


    White man, is somethin I tried to study

    But I got my hands bloody.

    They said I could sing like a Jaybird

    But nigga, don’t say the J-word

    I thought they was buggin

    cause to us Uncle Sam is Hitler without an oven

    Burnin our black skin

    Buy my neighborhood – then push the crack in

    Doin us wrong from the first day

    And don’t understand why a nigga got an AK

    Callin me an African-American

    like everything is fair again,


    Devil, you got to get the shit right I’m black

    Blacker than a trillion midnights

    Don’t Believe the Hype was said in ’88

    by the great Chuck D, now they’re tryin to fuck me

    “.. with No Vaseline

    Just a match and a little bit of gasoline..” – HUH!

    It’s a great day for genocide (What’s that?)

    That’s the day all the niggaz died

    They killed JFK in ’63

    So what the fuck you think they’ll do to me?

    But I’m the O.G. and I bust back (boom boom)

    Bust back (Boom boom!) peel a cap (BOOM BOOM!)

    Gimme room in the fire of the sun

    Here the mack come, here the black come,

    watch Jack run!

    Motherfuckers can’t gank me

    Fuck a devil, fuck a rebel, and a yankee

    Overrun and put the Presidency

    After needin that, I’m down wit O.P.P.

    I met Farrakhan and had dinner

    And you ask if I’m a five-percenter, well…

    No, but I go where the brothers go

    Down with Compton Mosque # 54

    Made a little dough, still got a sister on my elbow.

    Did Ice Cube sell out? You say, “Hell no!”

    A black woman is my manager, not in the kitchen

    So could you please stop bitchin?

    [Brother J]

    “Stalkin.. walkin in my big black boots”


    Yeah, yeah..

    “But when will they shoot?”

    [Brother J]

    “Stalkin.. walkin in my big black boots”

    [Cube] Yeah, yeah..

    “But when will they shoot?”

    [automatic gunfire]

    You missed, and didn’t hit Da Lench Mob either

    “Guerillas in the Mist..” without Jungle Fever

    But I got the fever for the flava of a cracker

    Not a Pringle, bust the single, here’s my new jingle

    “Stalkin.. walkin in my big black boots”

    The KKK has got three-piece suits

    Using niggaz like turkey shoots

    My motto is Treat ‘Em Like a Prostitute

    Now if I say no violence, devil, you won’t respect mine

    Fuck the dumb shit – and get my Tec-9

    And if they approach us

    A-ight, a-ight – I bury those cockroaches

    And if you can’t deal with my Kill at Will

    Here’s a new gift to get – try my Death Certificate

    Amerikkka’s Most, Amerikkka’s burnt – it’s like toast

    Like Jordan, I’m goin coast to coast

    Dribblin the funk here comes the nigga

    with the motherfuckin monster dunk, get off me punk!

    “Jordan.. watch Jordan,

    aiyyo yo watch Jordan .. YES!”


    “You better eat your Wheaties”

    [Brother J]

    “Stalkin.. walkin in my big black boots”

    [Cube] Yeah, yeah..

    “But when will they shoot?”

    Darryl Gates got the studio surrounded

    Cause he don’t like the niggaz that I’m down with

    Motherfucker wanna do us

    Cause I like Nat, Huey, Malcolm, and Louis

    Most got done by a black man’s bullet

    Give a trigger to a nigga and watch him pull it

    Negro assass-in

    I’ma dig a ditch, bitch, and throw yo’ ass in

    When they shoot, no, it won’t be a cracker

    They use somebody much blacker

    What I do? I called up the Geto Boys crew

    Cause My Mind’s Playing Tricks On Me too

    Never died, surround my crib

    and F.O.I. makin sure nobody creep when I sleep

    Keep a 9 millimeter in my Jeep – PEEP!

    When I roll, I gots to roll deep

    Ain’t goin out cheap

    Met the MADD Circle on Cypress Hill cause it’s so steep

    They’ll never get me, they’ll never hit me

    Motherfuck that shit JD

    Now I’m relaxed

    Grab the St. Ide’s brew so I can max

    Sittin by the window cause it’s so fuckin hot

    and then I heard a shot


    kool keith