this guy gets to build the tallest building in the world

what do you get to do?

how are your dreams coming?

are you kissing the girls you wanna kiss?

are you better off this year than you were last year?

what are you doing to get what you want out of this giant twister game called life?

in the era of post napster file sharing, have you downloaded any good cds lately?

praying for peace any more?

know any good jokes?

signed any left handed pitchers this winter?

found any terrorists?

wrote any good posts?

told your mom you love her?

fight any crime?

lead by example?

completely rocked?

flowed someone you dont know?

done something scary?

saved the world?

execersized your heart?

laughed hysterically?

smelled a flower?

ate some pie?

wished you could die?

gave a high five?

rolled down a hill?

whispered something sweet?

ate way too much meat?

went on a date?

felt part of fate.

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