1. Tuesday, March 25, 2003

    one of the things you can do when youre dead is talk to the animals. 

    and one day i was swimming and i didnt have to worry about holding my breath so i was swimming underwater without a care in the world

    and i said hello to a fish

    and it said hello back.

    and i said are you an alive fish or a dead one.

    and he said a dead one.

    and i said when you were swimming around when you were alive, were you ever scared by the sharks?

    and the fish said, what sharks?

    there was a billy goat down there swimming next to us and laughed at the fish for being


    but that billy goat didnt know what he was talking about, and thankfully he swam away.

    then the fish told me he wasnt going to spend his life always darting into the coral like minnows

    scared at any shadow

    freaked by any sudden move

    then he said i wasnt born to be sold in some punk ass tank with the word bait written on it.

    that fish was getting deep.

    then he said

    what youve got to watch out for

    and then the billy goat ate em.

    to the girl who sent me the nice picture of herself because she had read that i was sad

    please move here.

    anti + the finest photo essay ever done by a sorority girl + a touching kitty bukakke + fussy