1. Sunday, March 30, 2003

    today is miss tiffany’s nineteenth birthday 

    tiffany is turning 19lots of people write me. some chat with me. almost everyone is nice to me.

    im not sure, but i think i like conversing the best with girls. for the most part the girls are nicer than the boys. i like nice people.

    then i like talking with people here in LA the most too cuz then we have that in common.

    well tiffany is a nice girl. she lives in irvine and goes to school at uci like dan the goose and ashleys roommates. only beautiful people become anteaters, it seems.

    i like the way that tiffany writes. she had two blogs but now only one.

    i like her pictures and her design. it seems like girls typically have way better design then boys.

    i also like it when people have no fear telling us their deepest thoughts and ideas about their life. i like it when people let us inside their little secret world. and tiffany isnt too worried, it seems, about letting us in.

    when she goes on vacation, tiffany drives right past my house and when she does she beeps her horn and waves.

    if im home i wave back.

    the other day she beeped and i saw she had a trail of balloons flying from the back of her convertible and it was sweet.

    when i was turning 19, i was chasing a punk rock girl who wasnt sure if she wanted me or not. turned out she did, but neither of us found that out till i was 21.

    anyway, happy birthday tiffany. i hope you had a great day today!! the only thing that could get me to blog on the day of rest is your big day.