1. Tuesday, March 18, 2003

    true love: 

    and it’s weird.
    true love: like they should be covering the deadline or something.
    dumbass: oooooooooh
    true love: is she meeing you?
    dumbass: didnt even think of that
    dumbass: i jsut wrote her
    dumbass: i dont know
    true love: well, i hope she makes it.

    hopefully she already knew abou tit
    dumbass: me too!
    dumbass: i got up at 2pm!
    true love: haha.
    true love: did you go to bed after 3 am?
    dumbass: i wanted to write more about you on my blog
    dumbass: 630am
    true love: on no.
    true love: you wrote enough.
    dumbass: im glad how it turned out
    dumbass: i didnt want it to be sad
    true love: i don’t think it was.
    dumbass: i wanted to write about how i hold your hand and its perfect

    just being with you is so perfect
    true love: i agree.
    dumbass: just how the police were on tv
    dumbass: but its obvious that they are over
    dumbass: and sad, cuz individually theyre nothing
    true love: sting did ok.
    dumbass: for a while
    dumbass: but now who cares about him?
    true love: true
    true love: his wife does…he holds out …
    true love: :-)
    dumbass: i was so emotional watching that thing yesterday at this time
    dumbass: my whole childhood/hshood
    dumbass: angus and malcom didnt say a word of acceptance
    true love:wow
    dumbass: so punk rock
    true love: i told you they didn’t seem into it.
    dumbass: nope
    true love: could care less.
    dumbass: and steven tyler was dumb singing with them
    dumbass: so unneccessary
    true love: lame
    dumbass: ok well i just wanted to say hi

    didnt mean to bug ya
    true love: i’m sooo happy you did.
    true love: :-)
    true love: you never bug me love…
    dumbass: want some porn?
    true love: did you really like the hours?
    dumbass: YES!
    true love: (uh, no)
    true love: yeah!!!
    dumbass: havent finished it
    dumbass: i have a little left
    true love: so amazing the stories

    get tied together.
    dumbass: it got me thinking about you a LOT
    dumbass: so well done~!
    dumbass: seamless
    true love: and the acting is great.
    dumbass: yesyes
    true love: well, enjoy.
    dumbass: you too
    true love: finish it soon.
    dumbass: i love you so much
    true love: i’ll tell Gene you say hello.
    dumbass: you looked so good on sat
    dumbass: please do
    true love: thanks tony.
    dumbass: xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
    true love: xoxoxo you too. bathtub girl