1. Monday, April 14, 2003

    rained this morning here in southern california. 

    so of course the subway had hour-long delays.

    because somehow rain affects the trains a mile below the dirty boulevard.

    a good writer would make a perfect segue into the fact that Anger Management was the weekend box office winner with a whopping $44.5 million. the second-biggest opening by far this year.

    the good people at Variety have amazing charts for things like this and this one illustrates how amazing this weekend’s feat was. the sandler/nicholsen comedy outdid the action adventure blockbuster Daredevil which pulled in $45 million on valentines day with help from its stars Ben Affleck and that chick from Alias.

    number three this year was Bringing Down the House at $31 million, followed by How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days which had a $23.8 million opening weekend.

    even though Jack co-stars in Anger Management it’s really an Adam Sandler film, and this weekend was a personal best for both stars. Variety reports that Sandler opened with $41 million with Big Daddy, and Jack hit big with Batman at $42.7 million on its opening weekend.

    strange thing is, even though these are two of my favorite actors, i have no desire to see this movie.

    it looks stupid.

    stupid as a subway being shut down cuz of a few inches la winter rain.

    alecia + oish + zak + no use for virtue