1. Monday, April 7, 2003

    this weekend was crazy 

    and it looks like this week will only get more crazy.

    do you want your life crazy?

    i dont. i want normalness. happy normalness.

    i say that now, but when i had it it bored me.

    i had a beautiful life, a pretty wife, no kids, good friends, great restaurants every where. i was making $50 an hour. she really wasnt my wife which made it even better. i had thousands of compact discs.

    we had a two car garage and a washer and dryer and a dishwasher and 100s of channels on the television.

    and at some point i grew bored of it all and at some point now i want it all back.

    ah the yo yo of contentment. look how we can walk the dog.

    i dont even know what i was searching for more of, precisely. it certainly wasnt fame money women power.

    sadly, i think it was something spiritual.

    i say sadly because i sure as hell havent found that. not that ive been looking all that deeply. but sometimes you get lucky.

    ive gotten lucky in other ways, and maybe because i havent had massive shitty crap dumped on me, then maybe i have found a little of the spirtual goodness out there.

    a few times during the many moons that you and i have spent together i have ascended to the tippy top of the highest highs and i believe that a majority of those were due to the generosity of a kiss from a fair maiden.

    or was that from listening to kiss, fair warning, or iron maiden?

    hard to remember, being 109 like i am.

    snow at wrigley today made for a non-home opener for the cubbies today.

    meanwhile here in paradise its in the 70s with clear skies. tonight expect scattered gummi bears and a slight chance of joy.

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