1. Wednesday, May 28, 2003

    ive been rejected in lots of ways, but this was a new one 

    : i cant come over because im not sure i trust myself.

    today someone asked me what my number was.

    not my phone number number. the other number.

    i havent memorized it, so i have to count every time someone asks.

    im not quite sure what im storing in my head that i dont make the extra effort of remembering Anyones phone number including my work number which i give out every day and yet every time i have to look at the phone and read off the peice of tape so i dont get it wrong.

    before i started flying chopper one people didnt really think it was that glamourous. at the time it was a test vehicle and nobody wants those things.

    especially xbi test vehicles.

    so my boss at the time wasnt so sure how he felt about me so he asked me if i was willing to apply for the job on the crew of chopper one and i was all fuck that if im on it i want to fly it and simply out of spite did he let me apply and i did very well on the tests, peculiarilly on the memory tests.

    the only explaination my personal physician can tell me is this: i can remember things when theyre either completely vital, or ridiculously trivial.

    so do i remember my work telephone number, no.

    do i remember my number number, no.

    it’s lower than you probably think especially for a man 109.

    so then anna kournikova called me. she was in town. i had already taken my second shower of the day, so when she called to say she wanted to come over to say a quick hi i said make it a not so quick hi.

    she said she just had to say hi and then bye cuz she wanted to do some quick grocery shopping.

    so i said pick me up and we’ll shop together, since i dont have a car, and she said, thats right, ok.

    so me and anna were shopping and when we were done i really wanted to spend a little more time with her because shes never in town, but she too was having a hard time resisiting my smoky masculinity.

    she said no that she had to return to her condo with her perishables. i said, lets pick up some zancau and eat it at my house where your frozen things can chill in my garage fridge. and she bit her lower lip and called me a temptor. but if you notice she didnt say no.

    so as we drove closer to my house and closer to zancau she said, zancau? and i said, only if you eat it with me.

    she didnt say anything. then we got right at the intersection and she said zancau? and i said, yes.

    and we parked, and we walked in, and i said, whole chicken, garlic paste, and pita?

    and she said, none for me, i have to go home.

    thats right, she did me like that

    at zancau chicken.

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