1. Monday, June 2, 2003

    hi miss italy 

    hi tony. tony are you italian?

    do you like italian men?

    i love italian men.

    then yes, i am italian.

    where in italy are you from tony?

    im more italian-american.

    where are your parents from?


    im from firenze.

    florence? i spent my 21th birthday there.

    i hear youre very old. is that true?

    sadly, yes.

    dont be sad, i like older men.

    i love you miss italy.

    arent you sweet.

    yes i arent.

    do you think i will win this pageant?

    yes. i think you’ll win because you look like former E! personality jules asner.

    oh! i like her!

    yes, me too. do you mind if i call you jules for the rest of this interview?

    not at all. mind if i call you kmetko?

    not one bit, jules.

    isnt this lovely, kmetko?

    will you hold my hand, jules?



    you have a strange hand, did you have an accident when you were a child?

    thats not my hand, but yes i did.

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