1. Tuesday, July 22, 2003

    i have a date on friday night. 

    dita i hope she knows it’s a date, cuz im treating it like a date.

    she better think its a date, cuz i want to go on a date with her.

    a real date.

    flowers, wine, movies, ruffies.

    it was all through friendster. i sent her a message. i said, hey let me take you on a date.

    she said, i would really like that.

    i said, great, how about this day, she said, maybe but this day would be better.

    that day was friday, universally known as hot date night.

    and since shes a hot girl and im a… guy, that means she must know that this is a hot date.

    as in dont make any plans with anyone else that night night.

    as in wear something sultry night, cuz i will.

    as in be prepared to get liquored up real good cuz at some point i will be asking to investigate tan lines.

    and unlike the santa monica police force, im a thorough examiner.

    i hope this girl wants it to be a date.

    dates are great.

    if youre reading this hot babe: lets have a date.

    be nice. i’ll be nice.

    first person who isnt nice has to take off their top and kiss me.

    a good kiss too.

    none of that phoney baloney air kisses.

    fuck i hope its a real date.

    sublog + sk smith + vacant