1. Tuesday, July 8, 2003

    my favorite band has a new song out. 

    by out i mean its on the Internet, for free, on their record label’s web site.

    it’s called Star Time, and it’s not the new single, it’s a taste of what will come from their new cd.

    which theyve just finished making for your asses.

    i like it so much that i did something i hadnt done in a long time, i played it over and over until i had written down all the words.

    some of the lines might be wrong, and if they are, oh well.

    but here’s what i figured out and here’s the link to the mp3

    i also made a little fake cd cover for it.

    and now that ive told all of you about it i will listen to it again.

    tsar plays spaceland this saturday night.


    “Star Time”


    from the forthcoming yet-to-be-named cd

    Hollywood Records

    LA is the place to be, and if it aint as shocking as it used to be

    take the bullet out your head

    put it back in the gun

    get your finger on the trigger

    welcome, everybody, to the city of sound

    they feast on the defeated

    turn the city around

    all they want to do is get up on your action.

    let em go.

    my brothers are all proud rockers

    wild and aloof and trippin on acid.

    my sisters are all stun stunners

    wired to the roof and rolling on adam.

    baby you live like a suicide

    hell, somebody’s got to stand up and die

    well, i think i live down in hollywood

    never liked no fraud who wastes his money for food

    for fifteen-minute freaks

    to fan the flannel flame

    cuz he used you, man.

    come on,

    pass the pipe and take the test

    cuz youre the young lee harvey

    man, you’re david koresh,

    and if you dont dig that

    why dont you go home

    and watch some tivo, fucker

    my sisters are all nice rockers

    shoes to the roof, and looking up at my way.

    my brothers are all jean-cutters,

    glued to the tube and jumping like an osprey.

    the hey hey never let me down

    they love the sound of it getting around

    and we say, oh

    american girl

    fill my heart with gladness, lord

    you gotta save my soul

    clean my mouth of sadness,


    my brothers are all proud rockers

    trippin on acid.

    my sisters are all stun stunners

    rolling on Adam.


    wash these devils off

    star time

    rock n roll

    make up your mind

    to this world, come on,

    get ready to let it rock on

    star time

    we’ll steal the show

    so many miles to goooooooo

    and let it rock on

    get ready

    to let it

    rock on