hi bad luck.

i see you there. youre at my front door. youre at my back door. youre at my front window. youre in my heart.

i see you in the moon. i see you in the dark. i see your shadow move across the lawn thats wet from dew and yellow from dogpiss.

and dark from the gnarled tree blocking the moonlight.

youre in my computer and youre eating away at it. youre checking out chris’s pictures and jeanines and karisas. youve got moxies and clipper girls and annas folders and youre invading them, you want to fuck it all up and maybe you will but i see you and youre nothing.

anyone can be a destroyer but so few can create.

create mayhem if you want but thats easy.

even the dumbest rock can fall off the dumbest cliff and make a series of beautiful ripples on a peaceful lake

but guess what bad luck

that lake goes back to being cool in no time

and youre just a dumb rock again

this time forgotten in the watery depths

never to see the setting sun again

never to get sat on for a pizza picnic

never to get initials scratched on it.

never to have a joint rolled on it.

bad luck youre fleeting and you do your best on me and mine, youre in my computer so bad i cant even Copy or Paste.

four hundred megahurts, 128 mb of ram, and ive put out better things on this old box than all the bad luck on this bad block and i know youre after me cuz i can taste the dish soap on my baja fresh plastic cup

i can hear you when youre fucking shit up.

maybe twice in the history of the modern day busblog there hasnt been a picture

so take a picture cuz this wont last long.


some people dont like it when i write about politics.

strangely it’s usually only the republicans who ask me to stop writing about how bad our president is, and how worthless our GOP-lead congress has been, and how i rarely agree with our conservative supreme court.

it fascinates me because their only reasoning is usually, “youre a great writer, but you dont know shit about politics, so knock it off.”

but then they give no examples.

it makes me wonder what debate team they were on.

heres the deal with this blog. it’s mine. i call bullshit on bullshit and i tell you why im doing it.

if you want to call bullshit on me, tell me why im full of shit.

start with telling me why you’re not holding our president responsible for anything. tell me why the national economy isnt his fault, and yet the california economy is gray davis’s fault.

tell me why its ok for bush to send us into war over claims of weapons of mass destruction and nukes in africa even though there was no proof about either.

tell me why you support a man who bombed afghanistan and iraq but not the saudi arabia over 9/11 even though bin ladin is saudi as were most of the terrorists.

answer these questions logically and i wont even bring up the fact that your boy stole the election with help from his brother, and the supreme court, and the klan.

maybe the klan wasnt involved, but he did steal the election and in a way thats sorta punk rock, so i’ll give you that one.

this time.

see, i am a reasonable person, and as an american i support the freedom of free speech and an enviornment of honest communication.

telling me to shut up because my beliefs are contrary to yours doesnt add to the discourse.

it sounds like something from a darker period of the human experience back in the days when the Terminator’s dad wore a swastika on his arm.

and if you dont want to tell me about why i should think differently about the president of the united states of america and his party who hasnt really done any good for the greatest country in the world lately, tell me why i should give Arnold a break.

even though he hasnt held a public office, or put out a good movie that wasnt riddled with extreme violence, and who drives a Hummer, and whose four books that he’s penned had nothing to do with public policy but instead how to trick your muscles into getting bigger.

spell it out clearly and with facts and you’ll never be bothered with politics on the busblog again.

ladies and gentlemen, that is my promise to you.

britney murphy came over last night

when i least expected it. and i know what you’re going to say, “isnt she crazy?” but show me one person who isnt crazy and i’ll show you someone who’s so dull that its not even worth the time.

and maybe guys like me turn girls like her crazy.

anyway, shes not crazy. shes hot. lots of people confuse the two.

at some point i drifted away into a deep dark peaceful sleep.

and at some point someone started making beautiful lust to me and it was definately a young woman and it might or might not have been ms. britney murphy. whoever she was she felt really soft and she knew what the hell she was doing.

and i dont know if guys can have multiple uh, hmmm, well, but i think i did.

109 years old, nearly 110, and new things can still happen.

very bizarre.

both of us were turned on that we did it again right after.

now its the early morning and i want to call in sick but the problem with crimefighting is that the criminals dont call in sick.

i have sunburn on my shoulders from the dodgers game yesterday.

i have scratches on my back from what might have been britney murphy or what might have been miss montreal or what might have been clipper girl’s upstairs neighbor.

i have so much work to do i dont even know where to start.

and i owe you all so many photo essays that i dont even know what to do.

but what i would like the most to do is remind you that the Sponsor Blogger Pro for the busblog auction is in full gear. it’s the only guaranteed way to get linked here for a year straight every day.

and i’d also like to remind you that life can be pretty badass sometimes.

if you let it.

98ward + mc brown’s great pictures from yesterday + trueboy