1. Wednesday, August 6, 2003

    i just got off the phone with my first girlfriend ever. 

    who i still love.

    a lot.

    ive known mary since i was either 14 or 15, i always forget.

    she tells me about her life, and theyre not always the happiest stories, but she tells me and all i can hear is

    i am still the hottest girl youve ever known

    and the smartest

    and the sexiest

    even though youve met them all.

    she tells me about the losers she ends up with and the crazy job that she has and all i hear is

    take me away from here, romeo

    sweep me off my feet.




    her life couldnt be more different than mine.

    her attitude couldnt be any better than mine.

    she couldnt be cooler under pressure.

    and she said the nicest thing about me.

    and now i miss her so much.

    in the matter of an hour we got deep into the bible, super deep into slander and HR, waaaaaaaaay deep into sex marriage kids life, we even delved into boxing.

    i love that girl.

    and if youre reading this, as soon as you divorce that son of a bitch im taking you on the hottest date youve been on since highschool.

    so get a sitter.

    love alwas,


    21mm + happy belated birthday xeni!