1. Wednesday, August 13, 2003

    today is fidel castro’s 77th birthday 

    to celebrate one of my associates drove over to Versailles and brought us back some delicious cuban garlic chicken.

    i dont know anything about fidel.

    i dont know anything about cuba.

    it is good to see elian gonzales again though.

    hola elian!

    i didnt get much sleep last night. i was doing that dumb photo essay till 3:30 in the morning.

    i like doing photo essays if theres something new thats gonna come from it. last night new stuff happened and that made me happy.

    its fun to twist a few stories together and hit a lot of topics at once and if i had to do it over again i probably would have been able to twist them together better, but when you have to wake up in the morning you have to call it quits at some point.

    i also like doing photo essays because they take soooooo long, and i hardly ever allow myself 6-7 hours after work to research and write and pull pictures and deal with procrastination and deal with the clock ticking.

    it reminds me of deadlines at the college newsroom and i like that feeling.

    pressure and its influence on art.

    time as a motivator.

    i hear ozzy’s kid killed a dog the other night in his sleep.

    i hear a lot of things.

    i hear im having a bad day today at work.

    i would like to hear from people who owe me a reply to my email.

    before i forget, much love to makeoutcity.com who sent me two cds, to my buddy tom from rogue cheddar who also sent me a cd, and to my girl Bunnie who sends me the most interesting art projects.

    thank you kind world, i dont deserve your attention, but i will take it and i hope i can give you back something just as nice in return.

    bloopy + bunnie + makeout city