people want to know who won the gubernatorial debate last night.

the terrorists won.

if there are any terrorists alive, theyre laughing at us.

and they should. this debate convinced me that i need to vote, and i need to vote for arnold.

why? because the ship is going down. because the right is dragging us down with them. because reagan bush taught us that you dont have to be qualified to run and win and do terribly and nobody will care. and because clinton gore taught us that you dont have to be qualified to run and win and do wonderfully and nobody will care or defend you. so if i have to have a clown lie to me and fuck up, may as well be one who smoked weed before jumping into an orgy.

not that television isnt more entertaining than ever.

do you know the cubs are in first place, and they were yesterday too?

my true love called me today and i told her some nasty things that i wanted to do to her and she ignored me which i love. then she asked me about the white stripes concert and i told her that i saw her old boss in the front row and she said yeah and then i told her that the cubs won today 8-0 to stay in first place.

and she said, wait, your cubs?

and i said yeah.

and she said theyre seriously in first place?

and i said, yeah, i know, weird huh?

and it is dreamlike and dreamy and unreal and unbelieveable. its a dream come true. more than i expected. the happiest accident and the answer to our prayers.

three dynamite pitchers and two monster powerhitters.

prior wood zambrano.

and then shawn estes today shut out the reds.

like in dating, pitching is 90 percent of the game. that means the cubs have the edge in pretty much any matchup from houston to boston.

this very well might be the year

and if they do it, terrorism will be forgotten. we will be able to go back to how we once lived: carefree and trusting.

sepi’s birthday gift arrived today and for that i thank her, but if only i could ask for a cubs world series ring off my amazon wishlist.

meanwhile i will vote for the terminator and enjoy the show.

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my comments company seems to be a little fubar today

yep so we’ll just have to go olde school and do this shit without the sweet words from you to me.


my girl kristin took a hit from some canadian nerds who think that shes changed and no longer writes well and she thinks that shes all that, which she is, but they dont like it cuz shes not theirs all theirs.

and they of course tried to bash her for being in a sorority and liking to shop and being nice enough to take pictures of herself, which are easy criticisms delivered by pimply faced boys who dont know how to talk about how they really feel.

blogging can be tough once you start getting more than 5 hits a day from your mom.

once you hit a certain level everyone becomes a critic, and when you put yourself out there for who you are, people can start to attack you over the dumbest things, and you know what, if i was a hot chick and if people wanted to see pictures of me, i would show you pictures every damn day of me. shit, im not even a hot chick and just to show my solidarity to kristin im going to post of picture of my swill mug in my very next post and you know what, people will bitch about that saying, wheres the models.

you cant win when you blog. strike that, yes you can.

heres how to win when you blog:


write all the time. i say write every day. i actually say write many times a day, but write. write when youre bored, write when youre inspired, write when youre tired, write after you 69ed a girl for a half hour and then flipped over and banged for a half hour more. write about not getting any, write about getting more that you deserve, write about sports, write about politics, write about your car, your cat, your dog, the shit between your toes, write about the shit between your toes that smells like your dog.

snipers will take their dumb little shots, but thats when you know youve made it.

another way to know is if you see your name on as a blog of note, but beware because that will just ring the comeandgetit bell for all the losers to come and get jealous. which can become tiresome.

sad thing is that the madponies link these fools and then have to put up with them talking trash. thats not cool. none of its cool, but kristin and lauren have hopefully learned a valueable lesson: only the busblog will love them until infinity unconditionally.

only the busblog remembers that when we first met kristin and lauren one was a sorority girl and the other was a jailbait hottie, and since nothing has changed, theres not a problem. busblog isnt afraid to say that someone underage is cute. and many other blogs dont seem to have a problem with that either.

but this blog has always been slightly more attracted to the darker haired girls, especially those with southern accents, and old fashioned charm. and the only change that ive seen in is that theyve become increasingly more popular and has handled that popularity with grace and an identifiably lack of ego.

lesson to the canucks: sorority girls take a ton of pictures. get used to it. and good looking sorority girls like kristin and her sisters do the world a great service by showing us their sparkely smiles. dont you see?

well, maybe not, but its nice to look at when youre done saving the world.

anyway, kristin and lauren, i like your old stuff, i like your new stuff, im cool with you changing, as you’re likely to do since youre totally young girls, and i look forward to seeing how you continue to grow.

and after that last line, im very happy that there are no comments on this post.

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the white stripes have snuck into the tony little hilltop outdoor theatre called the greek

with some snotty little loud friends the yeah yeah yeahs and hot hot heat and summoned the ghosts of robert johnson and jimmy page and danced with the devil ‘neath the pale moon light, and people if this is the future of rock n roll sign my jaded ass up.

the yeah yeah yeahs made me want to get out of the pinks hotdog line and shreik right along with holly gorockly, i have no idea what that crazy chick is all worked up about but maybe it had something to do with rock being dead and it needing 1000 ccs of post postpunk to snap it out of its john mayer coma.

she pouted and pranced and yelled and culled up the bile from on top of the hollywood hillside and turned that shit into shinola and paved the way for the jack n meg one two punch and by punch i mean upside yr head.

supporting the best record to come out this year, elephant, the stripes are back on the road after jack injured his hand after holding it too tightly with renee zellweger. pretty much the only respectable alt rock on the billboard top forty (currently hovering at #38), the brother sister ex wife ex husband power couple of the year took the stage and laid down the blues with the unrelentless vengeance upon the record industry, most of whom were in attendance to witness what could only be considered soul music.

as in music of the soul as in music that gets into every crevice of your soul as in music that makes the guitarist take the strap off and show the crowd the chord and then the drummer and then the amp.

soul music unlike anything since stevie ray vaughn and hendrix and early clapton. super early clapton when he didnt give a fuck. jack white fell to his knees and it wasnt bullshit, it was the spirit of rock who brought him to his knees and pushed his nose into the twangy roots of bb and muddy and reinvent themselves through the swirly peppermint facade of the two whitest blues stars in america.

ninety one percent blues and nine percent satan was the formula and even the keyboards couldnt stand up straight, they fell over, were retrieved and sounded better for the fall, all old skool and damp and moody and ideal.

i can usually keep my cool at a concert. i can usually tap my feet to the slowjam beat like the one delivered perfectly by the super femme meg and her lil pigtails, but jack white had me gyrating around like a spastic born-again during the frenzied peak of a tent revival.

more than once i cried out hallelujah to the highest and i wasnt the only one. the hipster girls in their red dresses twirled and did the bump and the baldie boys bobbed their domes.

suprisingly older crowd at the classic griffith park amphitheatre which is too bad because most of us have seen it all, its the kids with the linkin park patches on their backbacks who could have used the force of the seven nation army realized in just two kids from motown to let them know what rock tastes like. and its nothing like the candy theyve been spoonfed all their soft lives. the stripes showed last night that its murky and metallic and mysterious and moody, and best served hot on a cool september eve.

cubs won. theyre alone at the top.

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