1. Sunday, September 7, 2003


     First car: 76 sedan de ville

    First date: with mary to a hockey game

    First real kiss: angela romano, 6th grade, spin the bottle

    First break-up: mary, berkeley pier

    First job: mcdonalds, santa monica

    First screen name: GauchoTony

    First self purchased album: meat loaf, bat out of hell

    First funeral: mama dugas

    First pet: old english sheepdog named tuffy

    First piercing/tattoo: if it wasnt against the bible i would be covered in tattoos and have nipple piercings

    First True Love: the cubs

    First enemy: destiny

    First musician you remember hearing in your house: barry manilow


    Last cigarette: college

    Last big car ride: when me and karisa went to santa barbara to see beck

    Last good cry: golf n stuff in ventura, 1987

    Last movie seen: wish you were here, bbc america

    Last beverage drank: diet pepsi

    Last food consumed: sausage and pepperoni pizza from vitos

    Last crush: when my work cafeteria ran out of diet dr. pepper

    Last phone call: jeanine

    Last time showered: this morning before chris came over

    Last shoes worn: reebok sandals

    Last cd played: mixed eazy-e cd

    Last item bought: lottery ticket

    Last annoyance: some guy outside my window and his dumb cigar

    Last disappointment: bears giving up 49 points

    Last time wanting to die: when the yankees got aaron boone

    Last time scolded: the cheif engineer didnt appreciate the fact that i flew chopper one home on friday upside down.

    Last shirt worn: hawaiian shirt on friday

    Last website visited: never let you down