anyone see weezer on the factor last night

it was sweet.

major props to my man mc brown who called me to tell me that there was a 1am showing incase i was incompacitated and couldnt catch it at the 8pm deal

whatever, the sweetest girl is sex chatting with me and suddenly im not depressed any more.

shes calling me her hero.

some dude called me that the other day too.

how on earth am i anyones damn hero?

all i do is complain that i dont like my job, and write a bunch of crap on here, and steal pictures, and misssssplllll and talk shit about shit i dont know.

and dream.

i dont even rhyme any more.

once again: whatever. shes into me. thats all that matters. it might be a big bogus lie, but its a beautiful one. and i would much rather people lie by telling me that they love me and want me and will make sexy collegegirl sex with me than people who will lie and say they dont like my lies.

the skies are orange and dusty and coughy and bad today. the sun is trying to say hi to me but it cant see me.

here i am sun, im wearing my cubs away hat, the one my truest gave me.

tonight im going to watch the lakers with my buddy tom from way back in the day.

his band was called Rogue Cheddar

they used to suck but then over night they got better.

people compared them to the pixies, but they rocked harder than the pixies.

i miss rogue cheddar.

matt welch + bunsen + layne

today is the opening night for the nba.

the marquee game of the evening will be your LA Lakers against the young upstart Dallas Mavericks here at the Staples Center in downtown tinseltown.

My man Tim from end of the bench emails me asking whats going on with all the Shaq + Kobe mudslinging.

For those of you out of the loop Shaq the other day said that Kobe should probably work on his passing game and getting back into shape for the first few weeks of the season, to which Kobe took offense and said some nasty things about Shaq.

two things are at work here Tim.

first of which is Kobe has always been a troubled soul.

second of which is Shaq has always been a big baby.

third of which is Coach Phil has always given kobe + shaq free reign to be the young bucks that they are, which includes letting them be the flamboyant rockstars that they are.

fourth of which is kobe is facing a life term if he is convicted of ass raping that teenage white girl.

fifth of which is kobe is recovering from two pretty serious surgeries.

six six sixth of which is the Lakers are experiencing heavier-than-normal pressure to win it all because of the unprecedented moves by Karl Malone and Gary Payton to move to LA at super-reduced salaries so that they could get their rings before they retire.

seventh of which is Shaq and Kobe both probably dont like the idea that they couldnt win it all without the help of those two future hall of famers.

eighth of which is chick hearn is still dead and very much missed.

ninth of which is dallas might win it all now that they have antoine walker and tony delk.

tenth of which is minnesota has quietly assembled a pretty good team themselves with the addition of latrell sprewell.

eleventh of which is the defending champs san antonio spurs are only stronger since letting the admiral retire and signing Hedo Turkoglu from Sacramento and Ron Mercer from Indiana and Rasho Nesterovic from Minnie and Robert Horry from the Lakers.

so if the question is, am i surprised that kobe is cracking a little under the pressure of possibly not sliding through the regular season grind and making mincemeat of the West in the playoffs while possibly going to jail for life for a fling he had right before he was about to go under the knife?

uh, no.

im not surprised.

and im also not surprised that shaq isnt being super sensitive to the super sensitive kobe.

and i would also not be surprised, tim, if this was just a smoke screen to make people think that the lake show is ripping apart at the seams.

a distraction from the rape charges.

and a fakeout that the lakers are so damn deep that its scary.

watch karl, gary and shaq destroy the mavs tonight on tnt.

floor pie + popie + end of the bench

i get the best email

Goood Morning Tony,

This is my first cup of coffee of the day e-mail, so it could be scary.

Just followed some links from your coments to the SD fire by a guy who suddenly decided to get on the ball with his sucky SD Bloggers website. Takes a little crisis for people to figure out what they can do with their technology, huh?

Show them the way Tony.

After 9/11 I did a few stories for the Times about how the internet handled the event. And I ended up talking to Evan Williams who said whatever, but the main thing that shocked me was that i tried to engage him in a conversation (dear to my heart) along the lines of how he is better enabling the free press to be the nexus of a democracy. and was that a goal when he set out? and maybe he took a nap during my question, but he was all groggy and said something like he had only recently started to think about those types of implications and he felt humbled by it but that he wanted to think more about it, and he’s just a little programmer guy, and didn’t think about what this technology could really do.

There’s all this new technology right now Tony, but no great use of it yet. You are so clearly one of the few guys full of ideas. You can show, you can inspire, you can lead.

The thing about not getting paid is key, as well. A few years ago, all the companies big and small could have hired loads of people to experiment with the new stuff. But now no one has the money to do that, let alone the energy to expend.

But you do Tony. Because you have superpowers.

I’ve finished my coffee and must get more.


the free world

Good Morning the free world,

i have no superpowers.

im a loser.

but thank you for your support.