1. Friday, October 24, 2003

    hotbabe: what happened today 

    at work that has you so upset

    dumbass: just 2 days of work piled up

    dumbass: this is a super hard job

    dumbass:and people give me no respect

    dumbass:and they dont pay fucking shit

    hotbabe: I know it is, but Tony, you are way to good for that job, you should look for something that better suits your talents

    dumbass:thats why i want to be a strip club dj

    hotbabe: that would not better suit your talents

    dumbass: are you kidding me?

    dumbass: mandy, mandy everyone, lets keep these ladies happy.

    dumbass: next on is roxie, shes from romania, gentlemen

    dumbass: how about a little girls girls girls

    hotbabe: speechless

    dumbass: motley crue

    dumbass: just for you

    dumbass: she might not be naked, but stephanie is at the long bar and shes mixing up some mucho margaritas

    dumbass: on the side stage coming up is verrrrrrronica

    hotbabe: tony

    dumbass: put your hands together down there in the tip rows

    dumbass: dont forget that every tuesday is amateur night

    dumbass: two for one dances

    dumbass: drink specials

    dumbass: and free street parking

    dumbass: if you can find it

    hotbabe: tony

    hotbabe: you are nuts

    dumbass: now a little aeorsmith cuz veronica is an angel

    hotbabe: its called, GET A JOB WRITING

    hotbabe: don’t be so scared of rejection!

    dumbass: just got a note from merle in the mens room…

    dumbass: people, we put tip jars next to the candy jars in there for a reason

    dumbass: if youre going to take the candy, leave a tip, ok?

    dumbass: up next is monique all the way here from pareee

    dumbass: shes 100 per cent all natural

    dumbass: thats au naturalle in her tounge

    hotbabe: ok, I have to go pick up my lunch, i will be back soon, and I want you to CUT IT OUT

    dumbass: and other place too, i bet