as you might know,

LA blogger Luke Ford was on 60 minutes a few days ago, and as you know i’m a big fan of mr. ford.

But when i saw what he was saying on 60 minutes it was hard for me to think that he wasnt completely full of shit.

The most glaring load he hurled at me as I sat in my den this past Sunday was when he ripped this one: “It’s become popular, cool, acceptable in this 18-to-25 age group. My age group, I’m 37, my age group and up, we think porn is something that’s shameful. But for kids half my age, they think it’s cool.”

Adult film is a billion dollar business. Billion with a B as in boo-yah. And it’s been popular since the first caveman chiseled the first titty on a wall. Of all people Luke Ford, formerly of knows this. He also knows that once you turn 26 you dont suddenly consider it “shameful.”

60 Minutes showed many people standing in line at an Adult Film convention looking middle class, happy, and well beyond the prized 18-25 demo. I saw a couple who looked 50+. And then the narrator told us that there’s even porn for “the ’60 Minutes’ set.”

Luke, I dont think college boys are buying Gangbang Granny. Theyre not renting it either.

people getting it on isnt shameful. nude boobies arent shameful. adult fantasies played out in the privacy of one’s own home arent shameful either.

whats shameful is distorting the truth, a truth very few men know as intimately as my man Luke. The porn industry might be a dirty filthy shamefully-run machine, but arent most entertainment industries? Doesnt major leauge baseball do shameful things, doesnt the US government?

what porn can teach us is that thats the shame we should avoid.

whereas the “shame” typically tied to doing totally natural, loving things with ones spouse or boyfriend shouldnt be looked at with negative connotations. and if people want to do it on tape or dvd, i fail to see the shame in that either. infact im encouraged by adult stars who have rid themselves of the shame that humans are taught to feel about their bodies.

now i havent been 37 for a long long time. but i’ll tell you this, if we had dvds back in the 40s when i was 37 we too would have thought that it was “cool”. if we would have had jenna and janine and monica sweetheart and kelly o’dell and raylene and shane and the vivid girls maybe the 50s wouldnt have been so repressed and maybe we wouldnt be so uptight in america in places like beaches where we have laws against women sunbathing topless.


and not to get into someones religious business, but why is it in the handful of events that i saw my buddy Luke at he was always wearing his yarmulke, and yet as soon as 60 minutes shows up hes just a good-looking aussie, as opposed to a good-looking aussie jew?

tell you this my friends, if you ever see my ass on 60 minutes, i wont spread generalizations about 110 year olds, and i will be sporting my cubs hat.

cuz i represent.

bring back the old luke! or the 18-24 luke!

luke ford dot net

tsar decided to play every single song off their new cd

in order, for their last free show at the silverlake lounge last night.

i had a good spot. still i didnt take very good pictures. i sorta suck. but still, heres what ive got to show you, and heres what mc brown has for your asses.

my night began very nicely when greg vaine came over to my house to kick back a few and listen to the rough mixes of his upcoming cd. so good to hear gregs guitarplaying again. no offense to everyone else in LA who plays guitar, but greg is still the king. you know, he started this gangsta shit.

then we drove to the silverlake lounge, met jeanine outside a liquor store. she bought a little deal of whiskey and tucked it into her size 2 waist. and drank it right there in front of the club. she looked so hot that a suv sped past and crashed into a stop light.

then it backed up and sped away.

craziest thing i ever seen.

then tsar came out and blew our minds

yet again.

same as it ever was.

we screamed for an encore and they gave up one.

had to.

it was I Dont Wanna Break up.

it was perfect.

then me and jeanine went to midnight tacos and i had a chicken burrito with cheese.

then i got an email from someone who pointed to my main page and said

andrew sullivan wished he could do this shit + my corvids review is #15 today on popdex