anna kournikova called me.

she wanted to know if the entry i wrote about her was really about her or was it fiction. her accent is still pretty thick, or she was eating something, but i kept asking what?

she kept saying fiction, fiction, but it sounded like something else entirely.

we fought like crazy and she hung up on me.

then she called back and asked if i had hung up on her. i said no, that she had hung up on me. she didnt believe me. nobody ever believes me. people believe me when they shouldnt.

got a little call from the fbi the other day. wanting to know about the xbi.

i hung up on them.

fuck them.

they called back and asked me if i knew i had just hung up on the fbi.

i was all, rule number one of the xbi, if the fbi calls, hang up.

then i hung up again.

went to the tsar show last night. kristin convinced me to go. thanks kristin.

have i told you how much i heart kristin?

i do.

if i was a young frat boy at the university of oklahoma, i would wipe the crimson and cream from my face, i would stand outside kristins sorority house, i would hold my boom box high above my head and i would play the new tsar cd in the rain in a trench coat.

i have a new favorite tsar song cuz of last nights show (pictured), it’s called Wrong.

how whalen doles out these anthems is beyond me.

he was all uptight about the monitors, about the lack of bass, about the mix, but everything sounded beautiful.

me marc brown and brendan stood in the front and rocked out cuz thats where it was the loudest.

i took pictures but they never turn out the way you want them to.

i learned some things about my flash in relation to smoke machines.

i met two very nice people who are on a three month road trip and asked if they could take a picture with me for their blog.

maybe they’ll remind me what their url is and i will link it.

tsar are the gods of hollywood rock.

im glad i left the house.

splink is on the road + get well matt + inkgrrl