1. Saturday, November 8, 2003

    crazy thing is, most of this is verbatim 

    hottie23: My lazy Scandinavian ass just woke up.

    luckiestmanalive: what time did your sweet ass go to sleep?

    hottie23: I stayed up making out with a german guy who was like… 6’5.

    hottie23: um. 8 this morning.

    luckiestmanalive: nice

    luckiestmanalive: was it fun?

    hottie23: Have you ever had someone whipsper that you’re their dirty fantasy in a German accent?

    luckiestmanalive: nine

    hottie23: it was fucking great

    luckiestmanalive: did he have a big

    luckiestmanalive: tounge?

    hottie23: yes

    luckiestmanalive: was it no nonesense and rigid?

    hottie23: no, there was plenty of nonsense

    luckiestmanalive: do you know i love you?

    hottie23: yes I love you too

    hottie23: I almost had sex with him.

    hottie23: but

    hottie23: I didn’t.

    luckiestmanalive: you dont have to save yourself for me any more. i�ll never get out there.

    hottie23: I know I know. That guy would have hurt me, though.

    hottie23: he was scary.

    luckiestmanalive: ouch

    luckiestmanalive: i thought you liked it rough

    hottie23: I do like it rough.

    hottie23: I love it.

    hottie23: when he pushed me around I was losing it.

    hottie23: but his dick was way too big for me to have slept with him.

    luckiestmanalive: no wonder youve never been with a black guy

    hottie23: haha

    hottie23: I couldn’t even get my hand around the damn thing.

    hottie23: seriously.

    hottie23: it was very fucked up.

    luckiestmanalive: this girl i know was hot for a guy like that, and he said, just breathe right.

    luckiestmanalive: and it worked.

    hottie23: it would have been like fucking a mag light or something

    luckiestmanalive: did he cry when you said no?

    luckiestmanalive: i would have.

    hottie23: I didn’t say no.

    hottie23: I just restrained myself

    luckiestmanalive: did you help the poor guy out at all?

    hottie23: I helped him out

    hottie23: and then� oops

    luckiestmanalive: can you blame him?

    hottie23: nope

    hottie23: !

    luckiestmanalive: what were you wearing?

    hottie23: a plaid skirt

    hottie23: and red tights

    hottie23: a red zip up hooded cotton sweater

    hottie23: and boots

    luckiestmanalive: ooops

    hottie23: hey, nadia is here i’ll be right back

    hottie23: i have to go let her in

    luckiestmanalive: hey if i change your name, can i put this on my blog?

    hottie23: of course

    hottie23: i love you tony pierce

    hottie23: brb

    luckiestmanalive: i love you super hot plaid skirt wearing sexy girl

    luckiestmanalive: next time take pics of that outfit

    luckiestmanalive: for your pal tone.

    hottie23: i’ve got some

    luckiestmanalive: um

    hottie23: i’ll upload them later

    hottie23: ooooo

    luckiestmanalive: i heart you so

    hottie23: i heart you too so

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