1. Tuesday, November 11, 2003

    VeryNiceLips: whos mouth is that? 

    dumbme: our girlfriend

    VeryNiceLips: :-)

    VeryNiceLips: do you think her lips are nicer than mine?

    dumbme: i actually like questions like that

    dumbme: some guys fall for them

    VeryNiceLips: ha!

    dumbme: as they are loaded questions

    dumbme: trick questions some would say

    VeryNiceLips: its not a trick question

    dumbme: some guys would say, no baby, your lips have sucked my deal so well

    dumbme: but theyre lying

    VeryNiceLips: ewww!

    dumbme: the lips didnt really do any sucking

    dumbme: the inside of the mouth did the work

    VeryNiceLips: but you kiss my lips??

    dumbme: the lips were around for the ride

    dumbme: ah ha

    dumbme: but mostly we french

    dumbme: so, again it is the tounge

    VeryNiceLips: there is still plenty of lips involved

    dumbme: not plenty

    dumbme: some

    dumbme: but not plenty

    VeryNiceLips: hmmm

    dumbme: the lips are advertising

    dumbme: its the wrapper

    VeryNiceLips: ha!

    dumbme: its a fakeout

    VeryNiceLips: well, we’ll see about that. I am taking this as a dare

    dumbme: what sort of dare?

    VeryNiceLips: i’ll prove to you that lips are more than just advertising

    dumbme: how will you do that?

    VeryNiceLips: i can’t tell you that, you might spread my secret to other girls via your little web site

    dumbme: ah yes

    dumbme: speaking of that, may i put this chat on my page?

    VeryNiceLips: haha, sure

    dumbme: i will name you, VeryNiceLips

    dumbme: for yours truly are

    dumbme: all kidding aside

    VeryNiceLips: maybe tomorrow…or another day, you can post the results….thanks