blook II is a pain in the ass.

im not sure i ever want to do a blook again. this is what publishing houses are for. theyre suppose to edit it, make it, sell it. then put me on the road and make me follow the trail of golden coins.

as you know for editing the blog i have the mighty ken basart, of whom im eternally grateful.

as for the blook, i have two great editors working on the thing. i first have sepi who hand picked the posts, and i also have karisa who is arranging and editing the text.

i love karisa and one reason is cuz she tells me how great this blook is. how much better it was than the last one. i trust her because she knows she doesnt have to bullshit me to get down my boardshorts. shes also a speed reader and goes through a novel every other day. so when she tells me that i kicked ass on this blook i believe her, for a second.

currently i still cant read anything that i have read over the last year, which is troubling because thats the period of time that Blook II covers. when i read it i hate it. when i look at it it makes me squint. it makes me feel like everything i write is all about i i i i i i i i i i which is what blogs, i imagine, are supposed to be about, but i dont see why it would be interesting to anyone else.

but alas, im interested in most peoples blogs and all they usually write about is i i i i i i i i i i.

i just want the thing to be out there. i want it over. but every day i get more and more orders and it makes me sick to my stomach.

i raised the prices in hopes that nobody would buy them and on monday 12/8 im going to raise the prices again to $42 per blook in order to discourage anyone from buying one, but also to help make the blooks more rare.

so my little hint to you, kind reader, is if you want this thing, or last years thing, order them now cuz the price is going to basically double and next year im going to probably not do it at all.

id also like to address the idea of editors and blogs. many people define the blog as something that is typically not edited. it’s one way that “real” journalists can seperate themselves from we lowly internet scribes… who dont matter… who arent important… who have nothing to say… who cant write… because we dont have editors.

obviously i disagree with their theories and i can simply point to lil rags like the new york times who have floors of editors and still wind up making gigantic gaffs and exposing themselves as being mere mortals.

here at the busblog, and in the blogosphere, we have no problem telling you that whatever you read in here you should take with a grain of salt, editor or no.

Blook II will be slightly better than the busblog because of a second pair of eyes, or three pairs. i believe in editors. i like the process of being edited. i like other people’s opinions on the way to tell a story and how to present it. but for the most part this is a one-man show and it, i argue, might be better off that way.

the voice of the writer will remain stronger, the timeliness will be quicker, the freedom to think of ideas will be greater, and the amount of work will be bigger.

you will end up with more grammatical, factual, and spelling mistakes but who cares, youre a click away from “professional” writing and odds are you wont go there.


because blogging and good blogs are far more edgy, more entertaining, and closer to whatever truth there is than the hundred monkeys running around most newsrooms in america who dont know fuck wouldnt know fuck and cant say fuck and wouldnt know how to write fuck even if their lives depended on it, which is why they dont have blogs.

thats why.

get blook II before the prices double + hear my ass on the radio tonight with virginia

bullets ricochetted around the office this morning

i dont know why and i didnt care why. all i knew was i stood up and listened and i shot at where i thought it was coming from and then it stopped and then i sat down.

people looked at me at first like damn, g, and then they thought wait, that guy didnt even care. and nope. i didnt even care. im reading this kurt kobain book and i love it. the guy cant write or tell a story but he sure has the facts.

i didnt know that like 6 people in his family shot themselves or drank themselves to death before he did. im happy and sad to read this. happy because it seems like it wasnt entirely his fault that he did that to himself, that somehow it was heredity and environment.

im sad cuz i miss him and it sucks that hes not the one being nominated for all these awards this year instead of dido.

turns out he didnt sleep under the bridge on the muddy banks of the wishkah. turns out he didnt trade guns for his first guitar, turns out he did trade guns for a sweet amp.

the girls are wearing scarves here in hollywood and longer skirts and tall boots. agent m told me that the xbi pulls the hottest babes in all the town and i look around and i think theres gotta be somewhere better but he assures me that no, its all about the xbi.

after the mad scramble and people slowly peeking from behind their desks someone got up and looked over to the spilling blood and shot the dead body a few more times and one of the bullets bounced off the floor or the skull and shattered a nearby window which i was always under the impression was shatterproof.

and once again i am here to tell you that the man who is willing to offer the lowest price shouldnt always win the bid.

3rd Leg breaks it down + Livia + cup o goodness

i dont have the most confidence

in a lot of areas of my life. strangely, that can be liberating.

a few hot chicks, as ive reported, have been kind enough to show me their nude bods on their web cams. one of them was so generous as to get me a web cam off my amazon wish list. so naturally yesterday when it arrived i did a funny little strip show for her and even gave her the much-promised bonercam shot.

i was shocked how easily i stripped down for this virtual stranger.

truly i dont have much to show, but i positioned the camera low enough so that it made my three inches look like they were ten.

she was also on her web cam and it was great to see her jaw drop at the optical illusion, and it was totally funny to watch her clap and then cover her mouth and nod her head.

i want you, she typed.

i had a sharpie nearby. one that i label my burned cds with. i put it next to my schween to lend some perspective. she remained impressed.

i put a blank cd next to it, also so as to compare. again she applauded.

then i put a 2 liter of diet dr pepper next to my johnson. not a great idea. but being an angel, she didnt care. just laughed.

move here she typed.

she lives in australia.

who wouldnt want to move to australia for a while?

i moved my camera around my living room, then i showed her my thinning hair. she said i was crazy to think i was anything less than wonderful.

i love you, nice girl, i typed.

and she typed a similar response back.

in other news, im going to be on the radio tonight with virginia and i fucking kick ass on the radio.