until i really get advertisers

or serious inquireries, i should be able to write whatever the hell i want to write. no?


sexpeciallially on sex saturday.

too young girls appeared at my door last night. young but not illegally young, and they were holding hands which is the univeral sign of immediate entrance. one led the other in. it was cute. i shut the door behind them and locked it.

the lawyer of the printer emailed me back the blook II pdf and included this in the message: i think one of the things that bothered me a lot was the excessive emphasis on sex/girls. it was kind of exhausting and i think you are way better than that.

everyones a critic.

one girl was blonde the other was dark blonde. both were naked within minutes because thats how it has to be.

we smoked cigarettes even though i dont smoke. we played a game called do something dumber than the next person and that was fun. they couldnt drink any of my booze because they werent yet of age but they didnt care. not everyone needs liquid courage.

i put in the white stripes and the blonde girl said, thats so spring. so i put in the doobie brothers greatest hits and they started to dance together.

i dont know why the good things happen in my life any more than i know why the bad things happen, but i have officially stopped trying to figure it out and started to learn to enjoy it.

like this.

one of the girls was clearly in charge in the relationship and pushed the other into the leather couch and sorta mashed her face into the arm rest. my house is messy but they didnt care. i was watching and taking pictures but they didnt care about that either.

the phone rang someone spoke into the machine. nobody listened. all we listened to was the dark blonde getting into it. whipping her hair back out of her face so she could see her friends hand and me and she couldnt see with her eyes half closed like that, breathing out of her mouth

quite frankly im suprised this doesnt happen to more bloggers.

i didnt think i was in trouble til they turned their attention toward me.

i was sipping on a tumbler of 151 with just a whisp of coke. sometimes just sitting resting it next to a bottle of coke is enough.

they asked me over to the couch, i politely declined. it was nearly midnight and i was going through the waiver wire to see which players i was going to drop and add for my nba hoops fantasy teams.

cuz i havent done so well in this young season.

maybe because of the excessive emphasis on sex/girls. it was kind of exhausting.

and i think i can be way better than that.

matt and em on vacation + mc brown at the watts christmas parade + amy says its snowing! so does tomdog!

because there arent nearly enough pictures of britney spears on the web.

can i tell you about my favorite blog. can i really get away with giving the busblog awards for best blogs.

the answer for both is no.

no is my least favorite word so let me tell you about someone dear to my heart who i dont talk about much on here because shes sweet and doesnt deserve to be made fun of but today she called me from the waiting room of her chiropractor and i told her that i bet she doesnt realize it but she has a shrink, an astrologer, a regular appointment with her hair dresser, and a chiropractor.

i told her all she needed was a condo on the wesssside, a pilates instructor and an exhusband and she will have totally become a yuppie.

which she is far from.

im listening to mariah carey. listening and watching. melting doll girl asked me if i was against kazaa and i said hell no. just a minute ago i watched david letterman interview madonna in that interview where she said fuck a million times. and now im watching mariah in the vh1 divas concert. im not against the delivery system. i love the delivery system.

i think the entertainment world is against the only real billing system: micropayments. bill me a nickel every time i watch it or something. or a quarter a download. it could be done. some people need to be faced with their back up against the wall to figure it out. they will.

now im watching a lenny kravitz video where they .. “american woman ” where they spliced in porn. charge me thirty five cents for that one. id pay. its good.

have people like me review it. i’ll weed out all the riff raff. they’ll figure it out. i dont have a shrink or an astrologer. i have dsl and dss and tivo and y.o.u.

and of course rum.

and blogger.

and soul train on my thirty five inch.

last night tragedy struck when i went to the printers to pick up blook II for your ass. the door was locked with a chain and a lock. there was a phone number on the door. i called it when i got home. it was a lawyers office. apparently my printer who had made blook I was a front for some illegal activity. i left my name and number and i was told that check this Blook II was being reviewed as to whether or not i had any connection to their misdoings. i said if the copy shop was a front then nothing in the copy shop could be connected. and they said not necessarily true, that they were investigating it.

fortunately i only had to put up half the price of printing costs when i submitted the pdf, so

but anyway it doesnt look like blook II will be out before christmas.

im thinking about not having it come out at all, just returning all your money and calling it a year.

i didnt like it anyway, and this sort of stuff makes me think that it shouldnta come out in the first place.

plus karisa didnt really like it.

plus my old poems suck.

plus it wasnt like people went crazy over the last one.

i had some fucked up dreams last night and i dont even dream.

id be flagrants cool neighbor + something very funny called “i use ms paint” + how all kids should be