when im governor of california, i believe i will do things a little differently.

but that doesnt mean that i dont appreciate things when other people do them.

as you might remember, i wasnt exactly thrilled with the way the republicans stole the governership away from our sitting governor. especially in light of the fact that californias power crisis might have been linked to the white house, who also later refused to help california out.

who didnt vote for him.

and he “won” anyway.

in my attacks on arnold schwarzenegger was the fact that the press seemed to gloss over the fact that his father was a nazi police cheif and that arnold and maria invited a nazi war criminal to their wedding.

when people rebutted that he has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the simon wiesenthal center i said all it takes is a couple hundred thousand dollars to buy you off?

but for some reason this photo op makes everything better.

im not kidding.

sure theres an element of politics going on there, but i believe it.

hollywood, where i live, has a very important and strong jewish presence. when people say there are no neighborhoods in la they ignore fairfax blvd just south of melrose. remnants of which can still be found at the farmers market.

there are many pockets of soul in la and the jewish people provide one of them.

if its true that arnold is completely different than his father, he wants to do things like this because not only is it the right thing to do, but its an honor.

one of the best things i learned this year was that there isnt a seperation of church and state and never has been.

in that case, of course i want my politicians in church.

i want to think that with all their money and freedom that theyd have time to go to a temple on the first day of their holiday.

even if its just a dirty photo op

which i dont think it is.

and i dont want to think it is.

so i hope that its real.

anyway, now that arnold is our governor, i will support him and root for him

and if he can bring a football team to la i’ll for him next time.

flagrant should write for this.

so should some of you out there

Libra Horoscope for week of December 18, 2003

Happy Holy Daze, Libra! I’ve been meditating on the perfect holiday gift for you. What symbolic item might help you take maximum advantage of the cosmic currents in 2004?

Here’s what I came up with: the film, “Destino,” a collaboration between surrealist painter Salvador Dali and Walt Disney’s team of animators.

Though the joint artistic effort began soon after Disney and Dali met in 1945, it wasn’t completed until recently. In that sense alone it should be inspiring, because you, too, will be striving to revive an old dream in the coming months.

Your near future will resemble a Disney-Dali creation in another way: There’ll be a convergence of what’s weird and what’s popular, what’s extraordinary and normal, what’s adventurous and cute.

– Rob Brezney

im not sure what he means by all that. i think it has something to do with Lick, but im not sure.

i promise not to let this blog be a big ad for that.

so with that heres a 2003 top ten list

top ten Rock records that dont suck that came out this year

1. The Darkness

2. White Stripes

3. Drive By Truckers

4. Jane’s Addiction

5. Hot Hot Heat

6. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

7. Fountains of Wayne

8. Rancid

9. Ravonettes

10. AFI