when warhol was asked what he thought of critics

he said they were right.

same could be said of some of mine. i can at times be quite assholish. and fuck them for bringing it up.

but maybe my worst trait is how many people there are who i wouldnt cry over if they died.

near the top of the list is mr. george steinbrenner (pictured) who on one hand cares enough about his team that he will pay any amount of money to go after the players that he wants, but on the other hand continues to ruin baseball.

yes hes a colorful personality and a legend and his own man, etc etc. but hes also a cock and a buffoon and a know nothing and a blowhard.

but worse than all of that, hes not only a yankee, hes king yankee.

and i fucking hate the fucking yankees.

i hope george choked on some blowfish as he was trying to woo the newest asian import, i hope it got caught in that turkey neck and strangled him.

i hope his head got all purple and his nose got big and the veins in his fat head turned green and throbbed.

i hope the only thing he could do was sign language the only thing he ever learned how to sign language

moe, larry, the cheese.

fuck reggie jackson fuck don gullet fuck donnie baseball fuck ron guidry.

much love to thurman munson and billy martin and yogi berra

but fuck dave winfield and steve sax and jose posada.

love for mickey rivers

hate for mickey mantle

the babe is cracking his knuckles at the knuckleheaded way youve done things in his house.

when you die they’ll say lots of nice things

cuz youre dead

but they lie

just die

just die.

blair + life rants + joz

i think i could get used to these four day weekends.

i wonder what life would be like if i truly lived my life. does the lord want me to live a regular life or live a crazyass life. i suppose if he wanted the latter he woulda let me win the lottery a few times, or get hit by a porsche. im watching lolita.

i just bought a bunch of stuff off ebay. i dont know why im suddenly buying things. i hardly ever buy anything. me and karisa drove past that trans am again that seems to still be for sale. she says its the perfect car for me. did i tell you i had a lovely christmas dinner with her? i did. it was pouring down rain like a bitch and she lives in the hills and the rain came down and then you could see light brown streaming down and that was the mountains, i had to run to sav-on to get some butter and ice cream. a young man sat under the awning spare changing, i gave him a buck, shoulda gaven him ten, he said god bless and then as i walked in the cold rain with no hat on my plastic bag broke and my gallon of water bounced a few times and then rolled and rolled but i got it.

people were in there shopping. it was christmas at three pm. the peak of christmas. a young mexican girl rang me up. i asked her if she was getting paid extra for working that day and she said no. i told her that her boss probably appreciates it, and that i totally did. and she sniffled and smiled. she had the sniffles. i forget her name.

guys were getting twelve packs everywhere.

me and karisa drank a few beers, ate, drank a few more and then got really sleepy.

i began farting.

the cats didnt mind, the tv didnt mind. even though i had slept so much the day before i was still super sleepy thanks to the ham and the collards and the potatoes and the bread.

if we had had a movie id have fallen to sleep on it.

instead the rain stopped and i left early, drove home, and i laid down on the couch and i woke up at three and went to my bed like a hibernating bear. flicked on the electric blanket and said my christmas prayers into my pillow.

my favorite part in the hobbit is when they eat like pigs and then sleep and sleep and sleep.

my mom got me a dvd burner for my computer for christmas.

thanks mom!

dougie gyro + 21mm + new empire lounge

My blog crush is


I want to be Steph for a day.

I want to have dinner with Mindy.

I want to go shopping with Kristin.

I want to have a long conversation with Bunnie.

I would like to go camping with Tiffany.

I would trust my secrets with Alecia.

I would take love advice from Welch, Rabbit, and Greg Vaine.

I wish I could write like sk smith.

Jenny should write more.

I would drink with sutter, ev, jason g, kimbalina, and eric case

Raymi should update more.

Moxie should put up more pictures… of herself.

mc brown is living a dream.

My blog hero is Nay.

Anti probably gets laid a lot.

I want to help the Cubs with their problems.

I would let Flagrant write on my blog.

i would let Raspil redesign my blog.

I miss Meesh‘s blog.

I should read D Lo‘s blog more.

i ripped this off of Pam