1. Friday, December 19, 2003

    kobe came back today 

    had to spend all day in colorado. the judge had to figure out if it was ok to let the jury know that the accuser chick was taking anti depressants and had tried to kill herself twice before.

    does it matter if the accused is crazy?

    i don’t think it matters.

    rape is rape.

    so the question is, then, can a crazy and suicidal persons testimony be more trusted than an nba superstars.

    in that case, i suppose i would more likely lean towards the sane person.

    however, wasn’t kobe nuts to get married that young anyway.

    so both parties are at least slightly unstable.

    therefore, if i was the judge i would tell the defense that i wouldn’t allow her “medical” records but i also wouldn’t allow the state to accuse number eight of being a dumbass for getting hitched when he did, which, when you think about it should also be presented to the jury if we’re going to show them Everything.

    and if i was the defense i would let it slide

    what with the traces of four previous men on her person

    cuz everyone knows its fucked up to rape a crazy sad girl, but it’s nearly impossible to rape the willing.

    you know i don’t believe that, but i just wanted to make the google-searchers feel welcome after i post this list of xxx search-result bait, otherwise known as

    Porn Titles For 2003 Movies

    inspired by treacher

    Fill Jill


    Brotha Bears

    Fellating Nemo

    2 Sluts 2 Studious

    Bad Pimping Santa

    Lost in Fran’s Anus

    Dominatrix Resolutions

    May’s Tricks Get Loaded

    Once Upon 3 Blondes in Mexico

    X2 + Jenna = Twin Threesomes

    Sims Online Sex Hotel Management

    The Sex Ass Chained-up Mass Orgy

    Sperm Don’t Hate Her: The Rise of the Schweens

    Butt Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Hot Girls

    Teen Cheerleader Runaway Lesbian All Girls School of Rock

    jim treacher