1. Saturday, December 27, 2003

    My blog crush is 


    I want to be Steph for a day.

    I want to have dinner with Mindy.

    I want to go shopping with Kristin.

    I want to have a long conversation with Bunnie.

    I would like to go camping with Tiffany.

    I would trust my secrets with Alecia.

    I would take love advice from Welch, Rabbit, and Greg Vaine.

    I wish I could write like sk smith.

    Jenny should write more.

    I would drink with sutter, ev, jason g, kimbalina, and eric case

    Raymi should update more.

    Moxie should put up more pictures… of herself.

    mc brown is living a dream.

    My blog hero is Nay.

    Anti probably gets laid a lot.

    I want to help the Cubs with their problems.

    I would let Flagrant write on my blog.

    i would let Raspil redesign my blog.

    I miss Meesh‘s blog.

    I should read D Lo‘s blog more.

    i ripped this off of Pam