1. Thursday, January 8, 2004

    as you know 

    i have a staff of writers composed entirely of a hundred monkeys who think that they are the stars of this blog and not i. some days they might be right.

    i wore a sweater into work today like a chump. its seventy one degrees here in LA today but its a cold seventy one if you can believe that.

    had a little controversy with the blogger header today. the blogger header is the picture that i put on the top of this blog. usually i will take a picture and do something with it. sometimes i will just crop a picture. the other day tina linked to the incredible illustrations of kozyndan.

    i of course fell in love with their style immediately

    and i of course ganked their shit without permission.

    cuz im a bum.

    and of course they wrote me and called me out.

    as they should.

    with a very super superdooper wtf.

    with a bonus compliment thrown in.

    which is why i will probably get one of their posters soon.

    im thinking about the bus one.

    ashley just called me. crying. that girl sure can cry. i keep telling her i have to work. she doesnt care. she can hear the blades of chopper one but she doesnt believe that its me flying around hunting down bad guys.

    she says i dont miss her. but i do.

    i do.

    for two years i talked to her every day. more than once a day.

    of course i miss her.

    today is a bizarre day.

    i wish i had a way to express it to you in a word or two as thats all i have.

    i wish there was one word that could paint the picture.

    lets think of a good word now.


    today is as crazy as a damn meadowlark, people.