1. Wednesday, January 28, 2004

    ghost band ghost band 

    theres a ghost band, girl, playing our song yeah. drank beers and rum ate bowling alley shrimp fried rice and got to hang with an x xbi director which was a pleasant surprise because i always liked him and i was shocked when he had to turn in his flying car. its a strange planet we’re rotating on he esped to me. but i kept thinking of rancid.

    hot girl earlier in the day got shot standing right next to me. i dont talk about her much because we’re undercover of course and if anyone saw a brotha with a fro and a super cute korean girl keeping it real one might get the impression that theyd seen us before in that neck of the woods and suddenly we wouldnt be so much undercover. but it looks like thats not going to be the case any more and it was mighty scary let me tell you.

    on the way home from bowling tonight i stopped by the hospital and whispered little secrets into her ear. her hospital is very close to my house. after a while she told me that it hurt to laugh and asked me to stop.

    hospitals are never the way you wish they were.

    she said if you ever see me getting interviewed on the view, shoot me.

    i said, if you ever see me getting interviewd on carson daly, carpet bomb me.

    she said, if you ever see me wearing a hoop dress punch me in the nose

    i said blink once if you want me to climb on top of you

    she said if you get on top of me i will knee you in the family jewels.

    i said what if i like my family jewels kneed

    she said then climb on top

    of me.


    and fell asleep with that little smile going

    and i stole the little chocolate from her dinner tray she had pushed away

    snipped a bud from one of her many bouquets.

    kissed her nose

    for the first time

    kissed her forhead

    for the first time

    undressed her with my eyes

    for the tenth time

    that day.

    and whispered that it was

    going to be ok.

    d.lo + leah + <3 raspil <3