1. Saturday, January 17, 2004

    i know these are dumb and narcisistic, 

    sonnetsbut theyre easy and insta would never do them so here:


    — Name: dumbass

    — Birth date: rocktober 22

    — Birthplace: our nations capital

    — Current Location: hollywood

    — Eye Color: black

    — Hair Color: black

    — Height: 5’10”

    — Righty or Lefty: green

    — Zodiac Sign: libra/scorpio


    — Your heritage: american

    — The shoes you wore today: just socks

    — Your weakness: morning blogging

    — Your fears: theyve all been realized

    — Your perfect pizza: ginos east with sausage & pepperoni

    — Goal you’d like to achieve: retrieving my mojo


    — Your most overused phrase on AIM: im 110

    — Your first waking thoughts: i love howard stern

    — Your best physical feature: hands

    — Your most missed memory: huh?


    — Pepsi or Coke: diet pepsi

    — McDonald’s or Burger King: kfc

    — Single or group dates: im not that kinky – single

    — Adidas or Nike: f nike and their sweatshops

    — Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: long island

    — Chocolate or vanilla: both, as often as possible

    — Cappuccino or coffee: that junk is for adults

    darth vaderLAYER FIVE:

    — Smoke: only in amsterdam

    — Cuss: never

    — Sing: horribly

    — Take a shower everyday: not on weekends unless i have a date

    — Do you think you’ve been in love: dozens of times

    — Want to go to college: my favorite 7 yrs were spent there, why not

    — Liked high school: sorta

    — Want to get married: definately

    — Believe in yourself: only when im drunk

    — Get motion sickness: rarely

    — Think you’re attractive: nope

    — Think you’re a health freak: i wash my hands a lot

    — Like thunderstorms: of course

    — Play an instrument: made a girl sing today

    LAYER SIX: In the past month…

    — Drank alcohol: duh

    — Smoked: double duh

    — Done a drug: triple duh

    — Made Out: quadruple duh

    — Gone on a date: hmmm, not sure id call them dates

    — Gone to the mall?: no

    — Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: they come in bags

    — Eaten sushi: of course, oh wait do you mean, then hell no.

    — Been on stage: yes but the cameras were off

    — Been dumped: if you dont get said no to youre not risking

    — Gone skating: im old, no

    — Made homemade cookies: havent workd the oven in a year

    — Dyed your hair: ha!

    LAYER SEVEN: Ever…

    — Played a game that required removal of clothing: but of course

    — If so, was it mixed company: but of course

    — Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: but of course

    — Been caught “doing something”: people honked from below, so yes

    — Been called a tease: hmmm

    — Gotten beaten up: lets just say i was outnumbered

    — Shoplifted: never

    — Changed who you were to fit in: only for business


    — Age you hope to be married: 125

    — Numbers and Names of Children: 10, angus, pete, jimi, lefty, george foreman, prince, ilka, pierce, ae, michaelangelo, mary

    — Describe your Dream Wedding: on the cliffs of isla vista

    — How do you want to die: slowly

    — Where you want to go to college: i do have a terrible memory, but i believe i already went to college

    — What do you want to be when you grow up: tall

    — What country would you most like to visit: finland


    — Number of drugs taken illegally: only one at a time

    — Number of people I could trust with my life: trust is my middle name, my mom just spelled it funny

    — Number of CDs that I own: thousands and thousands

    — Number of piercings: just my last name is pierced

    — Number of tattoos: its against the good book, so none

    — Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: hundreds and hundreds

    — Number of scars on my body: several

    — Number of things in my past that I regret: less than five

    — Who did you get this from: Bluecad