1. Sunday, February 22, 2004

    inbetween rainstorms my truelove drove over and we went to best buy. 

    i wanted a new video game for my playstation two.

    i had seen via ebay that midway video game company of chicago illinois had released a collection of classic games and put them onto one ps2 disc.

    here are Some of the games on midway arcade treasures:

    defender, paperboy, gauntlet, spy hunter, rampage, 720, toobin, robotron, spy hunter, rampage, tapper, super sprint, and marble madness.

    $20. new.

    sadly once i got this home i learned a painful lesson: just because they can pod games over to Playstation 2 doesnt mean that the game play or control is anything like the coin-op original.


    joust is pretty similar.

    all the graphics look the same, but it pretty much sucks.

    toobin isnt bad.

    the truest and i took in sunday brunch at Foxy’s in glendale.

    i had a non-deep fried monte cristo, the lady had the eggs benedict.

    it was a beautiful afternoon.

    then she dropped me off, drove off, and i played ps2 and chilled on my couch as the rain washed away all that is ugly and retarded in the world.

    and tonight i will take the beautiful layouts of raspil, and the wise words of the ladies of the web, and update Lick.

    i went to splinky’s site and was so upset that she had taken down her post from last night that when a telemarketer called me today i angrilly told him never to call me again.

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